15+ People Who Know for Sure What a Real Happy Ending Looks Like

2 years ago

From a girl who is happy because she can wear her bikini instead of hiding her scar to a woman who went through a tough time and finally gave birth to her baby, these are just a couple of stories that contain happy endings after really challenging starts.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that some life events can be even stronger than those shown in the movies. Today, we found 19 people whose lucky stories are not written in any scripts because the only stage director around is life.

1. “I’m so proud that I finally felt confident enough to wear a bikini instead of hiding my scar.”

2. “Thanks to people who helped me get back to my mom, I get to spend my final Mother’s Day with her.”

3. “This has been 14 years in the making. I present to you the final chapter.”

4. “After months of hanging onto my thinning hair, I finally let go and shaved my head.”

5. “After 15 years, I figured out how to get my parents back together, even if it was just for a moment.”

6. “My single mother couldn’t afford braces for me growing up. When I got insurance through work, I finally got some.”

7. “I lost half my total weight. I’m finally a size medium!”

8. “I made the safest milk crate challenge!”

9. “Today my braces came off, and after 2 corrective double jaw surgeries, I’m finally happy to smile at 28 years old!”

10. “The mental hospital I spent so much time in as a teenager is getting torn down, and I feel like I’m finally closing the darkest chapter of my life.”

11. “I gave my dad a kidney bean for Father’s Day. I’m a match to donate a kidney!”

12. “When I got married, I realized I needed to make a change toward a better future. Almost 2 years later, I’m finally there.”

13. “I’m 48 and found out I have a 32-year-old son this past Mother’s Day. Finally met him today.”

14. “It took 2 years, but I finally overcame anorexia. It’s never too late to get help.”

15. “I’ve been growing my hair out for 4 years for donation. I finally cut it and feel like a new man.”

16. “I’m getting a new wheelchair so I can finally leave the house!”

17. “After 9 months of going to the laundromat, I finally surprised my GF with a new washer and dryer set.”

18. “My girlfriend and I finally got approval.”

19. “I almost died a couple of times, but I had the baby and we are finally home.”

What is your personal story that ended happily? What life challenges did you have to overcome?

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