15 People Who Only Changed Their Hair and Suddenly Got a Major Glow-Up

year ago

Sometimes, a simple haircut can dramatically transform your appearance over any expensive beauty procedure. And luckily for us, we have many cool apps and programs that help us experiment with our hairstyle for free. These 15 people made the most of the Internet and got the most flattering haircuts with the help of skillful hairdressers.

1. “My wavy hair timeline, about 2 years of hair growth”

2. “Last year, I decided to change for the better. I lost weight and cut my hair for the first time in 5 years.”

3. “One week before starting CGM vs one year of CGM and a curly cut!”

4. “If you’re looking for a sign to get bangs, this is it! I love them.”

5. “Got a new haircut! This is the first time it’s ever been short.”

6. “Decided to go bald!”

7. “Thanks for the help, everyone! Decided to go blonde again and add some curtain ’bangs!’”

8. “A lot of changes have been made, so why not my hair too?! Here it is, face to face.”

9. “Weight loss, acne treatment, and new hair.”

10. “Face gains and voluntary hair loss”

11. “I’m a slow-weight loser, which I don’t mind, other than struggling to see changes apart from my fire hair.”

12. “I asked if a pixie would suit me, and although it’s not a proper pixie, I don’t know why I didn’t do it before!”

13. “Took other people’s suggestions and shaved my mustache and got a haircut.”

14. “Accidentally went way darker than planned, but I like it.”

15. “I fell in love with a picture of short hair and couldn’t get my mind off it. Brought it to my stylist, and here’s what happened!”

How often do you change your hair? Is it difficult for you to make a change?

Preview photo credit terkbib / Reddit


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