15 People Who Thought They Were Ready to Become Parents but Realized It Was a Huge Mistake

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4 years ago

Though children are incredibly cute, they can do things that can make their parents question whether they should laugh or cry. From a kid’s perspective, it’s absolutely OK to paint their dad’s face or burst into tears because they weren’t allowed to sample wood chips. There are even a lot of embarrassing situations that happen to children because of smartphones — check the GIF image at the end of this compilation.

Bright Side respects all the moms and dads out there and wishes them the utmost strength, patience, and tranquility on their tough parental journeys.

15. Someone got vandalized.

I had to work overnight last night and while taking a nap today I was vandalized. I have a picture and have detained 2 suspects, but one is keeping silent. The only one who can speak, blamed it on the 4-legged suspect who has no hands to pull off such a stunt. Thanks to my neighbor for pointing out that I had marker all over my face when I took the 4-legged suspect for a walk before I realized that I was vandalized.

14. “My daughter finally realized that we don’t take her to Paris every weekend.”

13. “I won’t let him eat wood chips.”

12. Waiting for mom near the fitting rooms:

11. “My daughter was having a tantrum, and hid her face under a pillow. The results were Devine!”

10. “My 7-year-old daughter couldn’t find her shoes today.”

9. “Apparently 3-year-old me had never heard of a bed.”

8. My 2-year-old: “I want to play with those toys, mom.”

7. “My darling daughter did this once with my laptop.”

6. “Thank you, kids. Your future is not in the arts.”

5. “Told my daughter she could have a chocolate donut, but that she had to give me half. I need to be more specific next time.”

4. “We’re in a tunnel that runs through a massive shark enclosure, and this is the first thing he gets excited about.”

3. “My friend’s daughter ’made her own stickers.’”

2. “Took my daughter shopping. She had to have this hat. Compromised with just taking a picture!”

1. “We went to the beach to find shark teeth, so when my daughter yelled, ’I found teeth!’ this was the last thing I was expecting.”

Bonus: A kid glued to his phone walks off with the wrong parents.

Do your kids often surprise you? Did you play tricks on your parents when you were a child?

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Why would they think they ma de a huge mistake? I think, they are just having fun from all of this.

Imagine looking at these photos when the child grows up ?


I wonder if they recovered this aptop after this ART attack ha-ha-ha


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