15+ People Who Took Life’s Drama With a Pinch of Salt

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Sometimes, when life doesn’t go to plan, all we can do is accept our misfortunes and wait for our luck to turn. No matter what the failure is, we should hold our heads high and learn from our mistakes — perhaps we aren’t the best pumpkin carvers, cooking really isn’t our forte, or today just simply isn’t our day. Let’s take a lesson from these people who learned not to take life’s curveballs too seriously!

“We survived! Our before and after wedding pictures, it was a blast.”

“I tried to make a selfie pic of my daughter using their app. Didn’t turn out too well.”

“Hunter is very proud of himself today!”

“Just turned 50 years old”

“This car has an ouch.”

“How I found my butter one morning. My SO claims this is an acceptable way to butter toast and DEFENDS this decision.”

“Frugal engineering”

“With these energy hikes, my mom had a genius idea to save energy, until it went wrong...”

“These failed mashed potatoes turned into a true hockey puck.”

“My date’s car caught on fire in front of my house (no one was injured). Guess you could say our third date was lit.”

“Workers drywalled the temporary lighting on our job site.”

“My friend cuts her avocadoes... Like this.”

“I didn’t make sure the vent knob was sealed correctly. 2 lamb shanks potentially wasted.”

“My brother had 2 jars of Nutella delivered from Amazon. Something tells me the bubble wrap wasn’t quite enough.”

“Dug up my potato patch today. 10 plants that looked like they’d been flourishing all season.”

“My dog ate my homework is not a joke anymore.”

“Honey, did you remember to pay our avalanche insurance?”

“Yes, that is my washing machine. Yes, there are now pepper grounds in my wet laundry.”

“Perfect start to the day...dropped my £10 through the gap.”

“Fiancé framed this accidental photo of me.”

When did life strike you with laughable misfortune? Tag the person who is the unluckiest person you know!

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