15 People Who Went Through an Old Photo Album and Showed Us Their Fun Discoveries

11 months ago

In this day and age, social media has taken a lot of control of our memories. We can easily access our past experiences digitally, but their influence might lack the authenticity we need for reminiscing about our fondest recollections. That’s why keeping physical photo albums around might help with retelling stories, no matter how trivial or significant they are.

1. “My brother looked like Andy Samberg 30 years ago.”

2. “I decided to colorize a photo of my beloved grandparents at their prom in 1954.”

3. “My husband is his grandpa’s doppelgänger. The first picture was taken on his grandparents’ wedding day in 1951.”

4. “My father with his DMC DeLorean in 1981”

5. “My grandfather and father, both at 18 years old”

6. “My family meeting Phil Collins for my brother’s make-a-wish in 1995”

7. “My mall glamour shots from 1997 where I look like a woman who just cashed her husband’s life insurance check”

8. “My 100% handmade stegosaurus costume for Halloween in 1989 that my grandmother made for me because I was obsessed with dinosaurs”

9. “My parents just celebrated 50 years of marriage this year.”

10. “1992 vs 2022 — we didn’t miss a beat.”

11. “My aunt was a model for a makeup artist in the ’80s.”

12. “I was the 1990 runner-up at a Bart Simpson look-alike contest.”

13. “This was taken in 1987, and my brother’s friend never knew I was in love with him my whole childhood.”

14. “My dad was in an ’80s band called Art School.”

15. “My mom around age 13, circa 1982”

Are you a social media person? When was the last time you discovered something that opened the door to memory lane?


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