15 People Whose Bright Day Turned Into a Pure Nightmare

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We never know when a good day will turn upside down due to an unexpected twist. But some unpleasant moments can still be helpful if we look at the bright side. After all, it’s true that the most awkward or cringy situations make for the most catchy stories and intriguing photos. And some clever people are willing to share their not-so-pleasant happenings with the world and have a good laugh out of their bad luck.

1. ’’A snake wrapped itself around my friend’s hair.’’

2. ’’I dropped my watch, and the numbers fell off.’’

3. ’’My gummy vitamins melted all together!’’

4. ’’I must’ve forgotten about my highlighter when I left for the weekend and came back to this fluorescent puddle.’’

5. ’’I’m screaming inside.’’

6. ’’My old ricotta I had forgotten in the fridge that turned vivid violet’’

7. ’’After working 3 positions and managing 20 employees, here’s my work Christmas gift.’’

8. ’’I got nail glue on my glass lenses and don’t know how to take it off.’’

9. ’’The number of tags inside my new jacket is concerning.’’

10. ’’How my neighbor decided to park.’’

11. ’’What have I done to this poor, innocent turkey melt?’’

12. ’’Great start to my vacation...’’

13. ’’My fridge shot out a completely gray ice cube.’’

14. ’’So my charger broke inside my phone.’’

15. ’’My hair froze in minutes this morning in −36°F.’’

What was the most awkward event that happened to you recently? How do you usually react when you’re faced with an uncomfortable situation?

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