15 People Whose Physical Transformations Teach Us to Never Give Up

2 years ago

Changing our body is a demanding process, whether it’s about losing or gaining weight, or something else. However, some people aren’t afraid to take on a challenge. That along with their determination makes for wonderful results. On social media, their celebratory posts radiate joy and inspire others to set their own goals.

Bright Side now introduces you to a few folks who are proud to share the fruits of their hard work.

1. “The result of my 10 years transformation challenge. I started bodybuilding more seriously about 3 years ago.”

2. “I lost 100 lbs and this happened to my face.”

3. “I lost 295 lbs in the last decade.”

4. “298 lbs to 147 lbs in 15 months”

5. “In the last year I have lost over 200 lbs from exercise and gastric sleeve surgery.”

6. “From 98 lbs to 148 lbs in 1 year and 8 months”

7. “5-6 months. From 260 lbs down to 200 in 5 or 6 months. I was 300 lbs at one point in my life.”

8. “No exercise, just patience. I put down that extra snack. 101 lbs gone in a bit over a year.”

9. “The amount of happiness and confidence I’ve gained over my journey has been astounding.”

10. “Not done yet but face gains really surprised me!”

11. “I lost 44 lbs in 2.5 years and this is what it did to my face.”

12. “Gradually over a few years I went from my highest weight of around 280 lbs to my current weight around 145 lbs.”

13. “Thanks to swimming 3 days a week and finally eating enough, I gained sixty pounds in the last two years.”

14. “From 600 to 235 pounds”

15. “It took me about 5 years of working out for this.”

Do you enjoy exercising? What’s the last goal you set for yourself? Let us get to know you a bit by sharing your own story in the comments.

Preview photo credit Chemical_Selection22 / Reddit


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