15 People With Skilled Hands Who Can Breathe New Life Into Old Furniture

3 years ago

If you have grandparents, you can inherit a lot of old furniture from them. Some take these precious items to their country houses, while others just throw them away. But there is another type of person who does their best to return their worn-out furniture to their once glossy, sophisticated state.

At Bright Side, we admire the efforts and persistence of the people in today’s article. In the bonus section, you’ll find an item that will help you drink tea, Russian style.

1. “I renovated this drawer unit to don an Art Deco style.”

2. “It’s time to renovate my old chair.”

3. “I found this bedtime table in the barn near my country house. Who knows what it’s made of. I mixed some paints, nailed the tabletop made of pieces of clapboard, and voila!”

4. “I was sitting at home, entertaining myself.”

5. “I found this old armchair from the 1970s and renovated it.”

6. “Now this wall cabinet set looks modern and fresh to my taste.”

7. “This is an old drawer unit. But it’s much stronger than its modern counterparts.”

8. “This armchair was collecting dust in the garage for a long time, but I just couldn’t throw it away.”

9. “This is another renovated item that was added to our country house collection.”

10. “Once upon a time, there lived a backless stool. It had been through a lot, but it got a new life on December 31.”

11. Every house probably has an old extendable dining table inherited from the grandparents. It’s so convenient during family celebrations.

12. “The tabletop was dark under the old paint, and the veneer sheets on the doors were chipped. Judging by the huge holes on the tabletop, it used to be a trumeau.”

13. “It arrived to me in a reddish color and chipped. It’s no wonder because this kitchen cabinet is 59 years old.”

14. “I’ve had this old chair in my kitchen for a long time. But I knew that something beautiful was hiding under the layer of dirt and cracked varnish.”

15. “If you have an old mirror and a wish to do something nice”

Bonus: a renovated samovar

Do you have any old furniture pieces? Show us some photos and we’ll give you some renovation ideas!

Preview photo credit RusTYbu / pikabu, RusTYbu / pikabu


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yup, if they threw these stuff and bought new ones they wouldn't be able to save money and they wouldn't get perfect furnitures that's perfect!!


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