15 People With Unique Appearances That Are Hard to Forget

3 years ago

All of us are different from each other but there are some people whose uniqueness is very prominent. It can be either something they acquired over the course of their life, or something innate, like unusual birthmarks or rare body features. And it’s important to not only accept your own uniqueness but also to be proud of your amazing appearance, just like the people featured in today’s compilation do.

We at Bright Side are totally amazed by nature which is capable of making us so different. And the bonus feature at the end has something really intriguing for you to check out.

“I’m partially blind in my left eye. It doesn’t show any ’red eye’ in photos.”

“My youngest daughter was born this February with an extra finger on each hand.”

It’s impossible to look away from these eyes!

“I can do this with my fingers and they don’t hurt.”

“The veins on my hand spell out ’icy.’”

“This is me: vitiligo and heterochromia”

“My gap is shaped like an arrow.”

“My sister looks as if she’s both 22 and 12.”

“My scar looks a bit like a heart.”

“I think my friend’s pinkies are kind of cool.”

“My daughter’s hemangioma is shaped like Australia.”

Unusual beauty

“Got a black henna that left a chemical burn and scar on me.”

“I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow.”

“When it’s marginally chilly, my fingers lose circulation. This time they color-blocked!”

Bonus: “My daughter’s boyfriend and my Peruvian guinea pig share a similar hairdo.”

Maybe there’s something really unusual about your appearance. Share it with us in the comment section below!

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