15+ Photos From Famous Movie Sets That Will Tell You Something New About Filming

2 years ago

The world of cinema is really amazing and fascinating. And it’s not just the result we see on the big screen that’s interesting, but also the process of creating the masterpiece itself. For example, Taylor Swift’s appearance, which changed radically during filming her video “The Man.”

Bright Side has collected rare pictures from the process of shooting really famous movies and music videos. Look at the fun they have during filming! And don’t miss the bonus, where you’ll find out the secret behind the creation of the mystical series Twin Peaks.

1. Taylor Swift in her video “The Man”

2. This is how Wonder Woman’s boots were created.

3. Zoe Saldana’s makeup for Guardians of the Galaxy

4. During the shooting of Westworld

5. When you’ve been waiting for your teammates for too long:

6. Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Doctor Strange

7. Keanu Reeves in Saint Petersburg on the set of Siberia

8. On the set of The Dark Knight. It wasn’t that high!

9. A shot taken during the shooting of Kill Bill

10. This is how cute Darth Maul from Star Wars really is:

11. Mini Batmobile

12. This is who’s behind The Godfather.

13. It also needs a rest.

14. If you didn’t know what the main character of V for Vendetta looked like, now you do.

15. A miniature cityscape made for Terminator 2

16. Gary Oldman’s makeup for Darkest Hour

17. Wonder Woman wearing a Batman mask

Bonus: The enigma behind the Twin Peaks film

In 1989, producer David Lynch and writer Mark Frost began work on a film based on the diaries of Marilyn Monroe. When that project fell through, the 2 developed Twin Peaks, taking inspiration for the murder of Laura Palmer from the mystery surrounding Monroe’s final, cryptic diary entry.

Which of these shots amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit bcorso / Instagram


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