15 Photos Revealing the Power of Time

4 years ago

According to a report, the modern human body has changed drastically when compared with our ancestors over the years. From the way a landscape looks to the way spots align on an animal, there’s nothing time cannot change. While noticing these differences could be hard for the eyes, it is when we compare photos that we realize how things change over time.

Some Reddit users shared their “before and after” shots with the world, revealing the power of time. We at Bright Side have picked the best 15.

1. “The way my dog’s spots faded over 10 years”

2. Nothing can stop this tree from growing.

3. That glow-up is amazing!

4. “The amount of growing my snail has gotten done in under a year, it went from a 4 cm shell to a 17 cm shell.”

5. “This abandoned shoe I found deep in the forest”

6. From 3 months to 3 years

7. “After 30 years, 2 brothers return to Chernobyl to find an old friend waiting for them.”

8. “Today my braces came off, after 2 corrective double jaw surgeries, I’m finally happy to smile at 28 years old!”

9. “The youth have been cleaning the Mithi River (in Mumbai, India) for over a year now. Then vs Now”

10. “Reddit, meet Shenron! Here he is 5 years ago vs Now. Still a good boy.”

11. Prom vs Wedding day

12. “My great-grandpa turned 100 years old today! 1941 vs Now”

13. “Then and now. She destroys every stuffed animal except this one.”

14. “My garden before and after, 2 years apart”

15. “Modern tomato vs One grown from 150-year-old seeds”

Do you have some interesting before and after shots? Share them with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit WhatIsASW / Reddit


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Tell me about time....The last time I visited my parents' house I found those old toys of mine and I got so emotional... can you believe it 25 years or so have passed since I last played with them

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The dog in number 13 just made me cry with his cuteness ??


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