15 Photos That Are Hard to Believe Are Real

2 years ago

Sometimes, no matter how hard we stare, our eyes play tricks on us, and we simply cannot believe what we’re seeing. The world around us can be one big puzzle that leaves us feeling stumped with its illusions. This can make it harder for us to believe that some photos aren’t Photoshopped even though they’re real things people have seen in their daily lives.

Bright Side is sharing these photos with you to prove just how remarkable the world can be if you know where to look.

1. This floating chair

2. Is it a huge safety pin or a tiny hand?

3. These loaves of bread are full of smiles.

4. “Ladies and gentlemen, I present Michelle and Parker.”

5. A cubic window

6. What a fertile valley looks like from above

7. “A hummingbird chilled on my phone today.”

8. “The other end of the rainbow was in my backyard.”

9. “Cut open some red pineapples at work.”

10. An unhappy sunflower

11. “I painted these Alpacas on the street at an art festival.”

12. “This storm rolling in was surreal.”

13. This person was born with 4 fingers.

14. A teeny tiny frog perching on its leaf

15. “I made this stack of s’mores at a chalk festival in North Dakota.”

What have you seen in your life that made you doubt your vision? Which photos did you find the most puzzling?

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