15+ Photos That Prove First Times Are a Magical Thing

3 years ago

Your first love, the first “yes” from the person you love, and your first kid together — it’s impossible to put into words how much joy these things can bring. Or even smaller “first times,” like smelling a rose or making pancakes when you’re a grown adult, can be just as thrilling. And the good thing is, it’s never too late for your first anything — after all, someone’s grandma got her first puppy at the age of 86.

We at Bright Side are all about trying new things and collecting new experiences. So here are some people (and even a dog) that went through something new and were by no means disappointed.

1. “Tough hike pushing a wheelchair but got our 93-year-old mom to see her very first waterfall.”

2. “My father tried making pancakes for the first time — he says he’s proud of them.”

3. “My first time building furniture and I did it all with reclaimed wood.”

4. “Here’s my 86-year-old grandma holding her very own puppy for the first time. My family lives next door and we’ll provide his daily care. She just has to provide the love.”

5. “My girlfriend and I got engaged today. The excitement in her face in this photo of her with her ring on for the first time is going to stay with me forever.”

6. “Holding my new kitten for the first time — his name’s Mango.”

7. “This was my son’s very first concert and ’date.’ As a dad, I’m so proud of him.”

8. “My daughter grew her first anything: a cabbage!”

9. “My nephew had his first donut.”

10. “My dog seeing a grasshopper for the first time”

11. “My nephew and his first sprinkler toy”

12. “My 88-year-old grandpa learning how to FaceTime for the very first time”

13. “The first time she’s ever smelled a rose”

14. “First-ever slice of boardwalk pizza is like...”

15. “My kid smiled at me as I picked him up for the first time at 7 weeks old.”

16. “My daughter met her very first woolly worm this weekend. These are the moments I think about when I ponder the meaning of life.”

17. “My son found his first 4-leaf clover and was over the moon.”

What was your favorite “first time?” We’d love to see the photos!


I had my first kiss just before I turned 18 (last month) and it is something I will never forget, it was perfect.

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