15+ Photos That Prove Some Celebrities Have Twins From the Past

2 years ago

In the past, people used to print out their photos. And sometimes you can discover that some people looked exactly like modern celebrities. This makes you think about whether it’s possible that these people could be related to a popular singer, a famous actor, or maybe even a princess.

At Bright Side, we found photos of people who look amazingly similar to modern celebrities.

“My parents’ wedding day — I think my dad looks like Matt Damon.”

“It turns out my great-aunt was Harry Potter.”

“My dad looks like Jemaine Clement.”

“My grandfather looks like what would happen if Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio had a baby.”

“My great-grandfather looks like an old school Zac Efron.”

“I remember people stopping us all the time when I was younger to tell my mom how much she looked like Princess Diana.”

“My friend just posted a Veteran’s Day remembrance of her deceased father who looks like a young Neil Patrick Harris.”

“My grandfather looks like a Peaky Blinder.”

“My sister-in-law’s father looked like Daniel Stern from the movie, Home Alone, when he was younger.”

“My friend’s dad looks like an evil Jeff Goldblum.”

“My dad (left) looks like a young Luke Skywalker.”

“My dad looks like Albert Einstein.”

“My great-grandfather looked like Eddie Murphy.”

“My friend’s great-grandmother looks like the granny from the movie, Coco.”

“Does my dad look like Colonel Sanders?”

“In the late 1970s, my dad looked like Tom Cruise. He still has that hair.”

Do you know anyone who looks like a celebrity? Tell us about them in the comments below.


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