15 Pics That Are Nothing but Comedy Gold

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“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter,” said the great Mark Twain, and he was right. Researchers have found that humor truly can serve as a strong defense mechanism against stress and coping with adversity. To get your own dose of comedy, you can spend more time with funny people, watch stand-up comedy, or just read this article.

1. “My dog doing his best to catch a frisbee.”

2. “My wife has a habit of holding my hand when she’s asleep. I rotated to the other end of the bed so I can watch anime and not wake her up and this is what happened last night.”

3. “My cat snuck in the basement while I was priming the furnace...”

4. “My dad made a logic map to help him when he argues with my mom.”

5. “Mom! You’ve made a huge mistake!”

6. “Some restrooms require a sacrifice...”

7. “When you weren’t expecting twins”

8. “Found in the wild...”

9. “A friend of mine called a restaurant about a spelling mistake on their sign. And they changed it.”

10. “We bought T-Rex arms for our chickens.”

11. “I used to fake showers. I would turn on the water but not get in. My mom caught me once and that was the last time I did that again.”

12. “A 5-year-old student found the answers in the back of the book.”

13. “The Halloween costumes of Neil Patrick Harris and his family”

14. “Saw this at my local bookstore.”

15. “My buddy is going through a divorce and just found out his wife’s family is still using his Amazon Prime Video account after a year of her not signing in, so he did this.”

What’s your favorite way to have a good laugh?

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How would you know which twin was planned. First born doesn't mean they were the first egg fertilised.


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