15+ Pics That Made Us Second-Guess Our Perception

2 years ago

Contrary to popular belief, optical and visual illusions are completely different from each other. Optical illusions are tricks of the light, whereas visual ones are those happening in our brain. Most of the time, despite knowing the truth behind the images that trick us, we still fall for them and our brains enjoy this process because it turns our reality upside down.

Bright Side has a special place in our hearts reserved for mind games, and here are some pics that will play with your perception.

1. “Mayble has perfected the art of camouflage.”

2. “XL saddle”

3. “A seagull on a translucent roof”

4. “Can’t help but laugh every time I walk by the kitchen sink.”

5. Panorama gone wrong

6. “Boat or car antenna?”

7. “I need an exterminator!”

8. “I parked next to an SUV like mine and when I came out, I was parked next to an SUV like mine.”

9. 2 golf balls? No, the one on the right is a mushroom posing as one.

10. “Some deterioration on a wall in a city looks like a parakeet.”

11. “We tried making chocolate-covered raisins. They ended up looking like beans.”

12. “My dog on the rocks”

13. “A pipe that looks like it’s leaking”

14. “These horse masks are getting better and better.”

15. “My dog was holding a chew in her mouth and it made it look like she has goofy teeth.”

16. — “Taken from the summit of Mountain Hood yesterday.”
— “Awesome. Looks like you’re standing on the clouds!”

If a horse/human hybrid actually existed, do you think it would speak or neigh? Which of the images above did not trick your brain at first sight? Let us know in the comments.


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