15 Pics That Prove Family Always Has an Awesome Sense of Humor

Having family and relatives with a good sense of humor not only brings fun and joy to your life, but it also may have particular benefits for kids. For example, if parents develop it in their children, they are happier, more optimistic, and have more confidence. Plus, people who laugh a lot, experience less stress and are generally healthier.

At Bright Side, we have made a compilation of families who bring in fun and joy with their jokes.

1. “My mom had a pic of my dad in her wallet like this.”

2. “My daughter cutting onions”

3. “My wife, who calls me ’Poop,’ made lunch for me this morning to take to work. My coworkers all thought I was gross.”

4. “I asked my sister to make my dog comfy while I’m at work and she sent me this.”

5. “My relatives love getting together for family reunions! Look at those smiles.”

6. “What I get for leaving my clothes in my little brother’s room:”

7. “Been trying for a family. My wife just handed me this. Apparently, we’re growing a baby.”

8. “My 8-year-old cousin put this note up on her bedroom door.”

9. “My wife baked this cake for my birthday.”

10. “Asked my wife to cut my hair.”

11. “Her: ’My son is going to be a lady killer!’ Her son:”

12. “My darling mother has been wearing her new AirPods like this all day.”

13. “A 2-year-old’s Build-a-Bear creation”

14. “My wife has sent a pic with our new fish.”

15. “Asked her to buy the dog something to make him look mean...and this is what my wife bought.”

Which member of your family has the best sense of humor? Do you always get funny surprises from them?


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