15 Pics That Prove Mother Nature Loves to Put On a Good Show

3 years ago

If you think you’ve seen just about everything nature has to offer, think again. Mother Nature loves to keep us on our toes by constantly rewarding us with new sights and phenomena. Whether it’s a strawberry the size of your hand or a 4-eared squirrel, keep an eye open for life’s greatest spectacle.

Bright Side opened nature’s never-ending box of surprises and put the best photos here. Buckle up for a wild ride and make sure you catch the bonus at the end!

1. “An owl left her print in the snow while hunting.”

2. “The way this bird sits while eating”

3. “A hand-shaped icicle”

4. “A friend spotted this one pixel glitch in the matrix in India.”

5. “I saw a tree growing under paint.”

6. “I took this picture with my telescope. It’s a nebula called Thor’s Helmet!”

7. “This photo I took of koi fish looks just like an oil painting.”

8. “A hummingbird I photographed looked straight into the lens.”

9. “Mother Earth gifted me with a bird made of ice.”

10. “What a tenacious tree.”

11. “A comically huge strawberry that I purchased from the grocery store today”

12. “A 4-eared squirrel that lives in my backyard”

13. “This plant made a leaf instead of a branch then corrected itself.”

14. “My daughter had a flower headband on and a butterfly landed in it!”

15. “This seagull has a yellow tummy from running through the flowers to catch bugs.”

Bonus: “I was hiking and found this tree some beavers ate.”

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve seen in nature? Your stories and photos deserve time in the spotlight. Drop them in the comment section so we can show them some love!

Preview photo credit FingalMyDopple / Reddit


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awe poor tree. Just minding ya own business for decades then along comes the ankle biters


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