15 Pics That Successfully Fooled Us

year ago

The internet is filled with various optical mysteries that continue to astound us every day. While it’s well-known that optical illusions are merely our brains being unable to fully recreate the physical world, it still takes us by surprise when we see a photo that looks unreal. These 15 pictures are sure to leave you scratching your head in confusion like they did to us.

1. “Angles make it look like I’m holding a giant cat.”

2. “My girlfriend’s hand”

3. “Looks like someone decapitated my cat.”

4. “A fish I made out of metal”

5. “This is a blanket.”

6. “My boyfriend is installing new wood floors on his stairs, and sent me this picture to show off his progress.”

7. “My friend showing me his new tattoo... but where is it?”

8. “View of streetlights from my moonroof.”

9. “Who stole Gozer’s leg?”

10. “It’s just a hairclip.”

11. “Took this picture of my best friend and his girlfriend.”

12. “Took this photo of my cat licking himself. He has 2 front legs. Where did the left leg go?!”

13. “This long scooter”

14. “This waiter looks like a video game character model.”

15. “These urinals that look like they are see-through”


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