15+ Pics That Won Our Hearts in Mere Seconds

year ago

All it takes for us to smile is a few seconds of looking at something, and our hearts will eventually fill with warmth. These captured moments lighten everything up, and the happiness that these posts exude is contagious, leaving our day positive and us feeling good.

1. “The evolution of my guinea pig, from smol boy to floof boy”

2. “Nadine is nomming on my arm.”

3. “I painted this sweet rescue dog, Millie, as a Disney character.”

4. A dog that loves raising its paws

5. “I let my friend’s dog sit on the sofa at my house when he’s not allowed at home, and it actually made him smile.”

6. “She felt safe in my shirt at the vet’s office.”

7. “Saw this decoration while walking around town.”

8. “Asked him to pick some sandwich meat out. Was not expecting him to pick up a salami the same size as him.”

9. “The small pepper is smiling at me.”

10. Just 2 furballs chilling, one stuffed toy, and one dog.

11. “He caught me spying on him.”

12. “Murphy doesn’t mind being a pillow.”

13. “We wanted to be traffic cones for Halloween.”

14. Small and a chonky dog, a rare interaction caught on camera...

15. “My cousin is measuring his little brother.”

16. “We met on Reddit! These are our engagement photos.”

17. “Brother and sister rescued together at 3 months”

Do you have any pictures like this? Share what makes your day extra special in the comments.


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