18 Times Animals Showed Their Mean Side

2 years ago

If your cat locked you out of the car as soon as you stepped out, that could mean something. It can also choose to wake you up every morning with its claws. Whatever our pets demand of us, you can see their attitude in their actions, or even in their eyes.

We at Bright Side adore these smart little creatures and are sharing 18 pics that show how mean and nasty they can sometimes be.

1. “Hot off the printer and look who was meowing at the door.”

2. “I came home to Nacho, who had had enough of being inside and alone. He chills in a crate now.”

3. “Relationships are hard work.”

4. “You’re not welcome, human.”

5. “Where’s brother cat? I haven’t seen him.”

6. “Look what I did, Papa!”

7. “My boyfriend was wondering why his room is so cold.”

8. “I literally just wanted to sit here and look at my phone.”

9. “My cat opens the drawers and throws all my clothes onto the floor.”

10. “I built a house for the dog, the cat has decided it’s for her.”

11. “Such a nice chair!”

12. “Hi, my name is Gazza and I’m incapable of drinking without putting my foot in the bowl.”

13. “My alarm clock every morning”

14. “I guess she wants in.”

15. “My cat is a bad guy and always sits in my clean pots and pans.”

16. “He likes to lay in front of the cat door and bite his siblings as they try to walk through it.”

17. “My dog has no sense of personal space.”

18. “We are on our way to a wedding and as soon as we got out, our cat stepped on the lock button and locked us out.”

What kind of pet do you have? What character traits does it have?

Preview photo credit GuyYeti/reddit


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imagine saying you got late because your cat locked the car😂😂😂


I have multiple cats. 1 of my boys will get right up against my face when he wants cuddles to tell me to get off my phone so he can have my sole attention. He also likes sitting on my bag but he seems to know most of time when I need 2 go in there and that's when he'll decide to sit on it


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