15 Pictures About Girls’ Hair Troubles That Are So Hilarious It Hurts

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4 years ago

Every woman knows that her hair is a powerful thing. Seriously, a single strand of hair can be stronger and tenser than a strand of steel wire! But with great power comes great responsibility: taking care of your hair (and fighting a bad hair day) is a chore you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy!

We at Bright Side know how important (and what a pain) hair can be, so we had to share these funny comics with you, showing the problems a lot of girls go through.

1. Eventually, you have to wonder how you still even have hair.

2. As if there weren’t enough reasons to keep out of the rain...

3. No wonder celebrities have their own hair and makeup teams.

4. On the plus side, think of the money she saves on weights.

5. Don’t worry... hair grows back.

6. Eventually, you have to leave the bathroom...

7. Sometimes, it feels like your hair is out to get you.

8. Don’t worry too much about growing out your hair... Cousin Itt was a fashion icon.

9. Some girls can let their hair down and look all flowy and gorgeous ... and some girls live in the real world.

10. The only problem with the windblown look... the wind.

11. Whoever said the mirror never lies never asked for a second opinion.

12. A bad hair day is always right around the corner.

13. People complain about breaking in new shoes... but nobody warns you about hair ties.

14. The thin line between a Disney Princess and a hippie is where they part their hair.

15. When it comes to a “simple” bun, you get what you pay for...

Do you know of any comics that perfectly illustrate how bad a bad hair day can get? Please share with us in the comments!


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if I try to make a simple "bun" I look like an old library worker ?


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