15+ Pictures That Perform Mind Tricks on You

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When we hear about “mind tricks” we usually think of manipulation techniques or at the very least, magic tricks. But this list will make you deeply question your perception of reality — it may even change the way you look at the world!

“We take our home with us wherever we go.”

Mickey and Minnie Mouse in the 1930s

“Now that’s a statement — a bank statement, I presume.”

“You sure you’ve packed all of it?”

How is this logical?

“I work for Cadillac. A man wanted us to appraise his car. The man did not end up buying a new Cadillac.”

This unholy SpongeBob

Things they find to be appropriate for kids...

Goldfish took over a flooded basement.

“This spooky thing is in a tree on my street and it’s not even Halloween!”

It must be a new trend.

A Japanese snack, shrimp senbei (cracker)

“I split up with my boyfriend yesterday. I fell asleep while he was packing and he stole my toilet.”

The view from our bathroom window into our neighbors’ yard

“Can I help you?”

This tail-less alligator has a bubble butt instead.

What a great winter outerwear solution!

There’s a story behind every sign.

Which one of these photos tested your perception of reality the most? Be sure to share your thoughts with us and fellow readers in the comment section below!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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