15 Pictures That Will Make You Travel Through Time in a Split Second

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You’ve probably wondered what it’s like to travel back in time, or wished you could see what the city you live in looked like decades ago. You may even be curious about what your childhood home looked like before you were born.

With that in mind, Bright Side made a compilation of photos that show how some places looked in the past and how they look now. We think these pics will make you experience more or less what it’s like to defy the laws of physics and travel in time.

1. “Grandma’s house in 1979 vs. today”

2. “This isn’t perfect, but I’m 38 now and this is me making a pie in middle school and standing in my moms kitchens now.”

3. “An abandoned school”

4. “My grandparents’ house in Portland, Oregon. 102 year apart. (1919 — 2021)”

5. “Photos I took before my parents sold our childhood house. The older photos in these pictures are between 20-25 years old.”

6. “Radar O’Reiley from opening credits of M*A*S*H 1972 and me in close to the same spot 2019.”

7. “A rather quiet street in Riga, Latvia, in the 1920s and today”

8. “My house was built in 1866. A fire destroyed the upper section in 1922. Luckily, what remained was salvaged.”

9. “Unknowingly captured the same image in 2020 that my dad took on vacation back in 1965”

10. Munich, before and after

11. “Grandpa’s old barn, 1981 and 2021.”

“Same spot, same shed (with modifications), during a dry summer the old path could be seen drying the overgrown grass.”

12. “Sonny Crockett in Miami Beach 37 years ago (1984)”

13. Photo of the family farm

14. “Hiking on the Faroes guided by the old cairns”

15. “Family Farmhouse 1912-2022. I’d especially like to note that the green bench has been on the front porch for at least 110 years.”

What photograph taken several years ago do you still keep? How has the place in the pic changed?

Preview photo credit CodeE42 / Reddit


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