15 Quirky Things That Actually Have Practical Uses

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Our imaginations get triggered when we see objects that we are not familiar with. And these curious items may have led some people to come up with their own theories about them. But thanks to the internet, users were able to pinpoint their true purposes. And some of the uses for these are actually quite interesting.

1. “This little mystery thing is 2” long, made of firm rubber (not stretchy at all), with ribs like on a Caterpillar tractor."

“I bought a package of cat toys that have something similar. It’s supposed to be infused with catnip. When thrown, they bounce in different directions.” © shacklefordst**eit / Reddit

2. “What are these curved metal bars attached above the doors of this small barn?”

“They are to hold the doors flat against the side when they are open.” © Mobius_Str**ping / Reddit

3. “I found this in the flat we are renting in Scotland. It’s like an old M&M, but with a couple’s face on it.”

“Yes, you can have custom-made M&Ms with stuff like that on it.” © Reset108 / Reddit

4. “Velour case with soft gauze padding, and metallic items”

“Pocket / hand warmer. If it is old, the white part could contain asbestos, but it is more likely fiberglass in this case.” © Larry_Safari / Reddit

5. “What is this glass cone with a rubber/metal stopper in our kitchen in South Africa?”

6. “Found in the woods near the water’s edge at my home in Maryland, which was the site of a shipyard from 1750-1800.”

“It’s a small sword guard. Like this.” © zzmyxazz / Reddit

7. “What is this rectangular piece of cut jade, with a circular indent on the surface?”

“I think it’s more likely to be a jade ink stone than a worry stone.” © dayglo_nightlight / Reddit

8. “Would anyone know what the purpose is of this old Mirella ladybug? Yes, I googled, no, it’s not an ashtray.”

“It’s a tape/stamp dispenser. You lay the roll not inside, but outside the cylinder. There’s even a specific space for it. Then you pull it through the butt slit, and cut it with the ’tail’. And the steel part inside simply holds the roll.” © zzmyxazz / Reddit

9. “What are these things that look like mesh balls of dirt that I found in my backyard? There are lots of them.”

“Looks like those expandable pucks of dirt for planting seedlings. When you pour water into them, they expand exponentially.” © illwillthethrill-** / Reddit

10. “Found this at my work, it folds up into itself.”

“It is a CD holder.” © HoptimusPrimeX / Reddit

11. “Little brass cups that fit inside each other, and latch closed”

“Antique apothecary scale weight cups.” © nitro*** / Reddit

12. “This metal thing I found on a trail”

“Looks to me like one of those dog poop bag holders. Clip the lead through the hole, then you can use the two ’arms’ to hold a bag full of dog poop.” © heeeeeeeeeresjohnny / Reddit

13. “Golf ball sized plastic ball, with holes on each end”

“It looks like those squishy balls we used to buy at the dollar store as children. Maybe it dried and shrank a bit with time.” © Environmental-Buy*** / Reddit

14. “Weird-shaped thin metal rod with a plastic piece on the end, and with oval padding”

“This is a push-up bra. I own one. And yes, it works as poorly as you’d expect. And yes, it has horrible plastic bits.” © angelmr2 / Reddit

15. “Found this at Goodwill. About the size of a pear, hollow, and covered in fur.”

“It’s a mate cup. Made of a dried out and emptied gourd, and coated in cow’s hair. It’s lacking a metallic tripod that holds it standing.” © Arulo / Reddit

What is the strangest item that you have encountered so far? If you have a photo, please share it with us in the comment section.

Preview photo credit shmatty29 / Reddit, Arulo / Reddit


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