15+ Side-by-Side Photos That Show What “No Makeup” Makeup Actually Means

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Natural makeup is always relevant because it emphasizes a person’s natural beauty. But it doesn’t mean that it’s an easy thing to do. Usually, people have to use dozens of different makeup products and spend quite a lot of time trying to look the way they want to.

Internet users decided to take side-by-side photos that show the difference between before and after applying natural makeup. And in the bonus section, you’ll see an example that proves the art of “no makeup” makeup is much more complicated than you might think.

“Before and after ’no makeup’ makeup”

“My first attempt at the ’no makeup’ makeup look.”

“I love makeup but have been embracing a bare face for the last couple of years. Loving the natural looks!”

“I did this using just 5 makeup products.”

“My ’no makeup’ makeup looks a lot better these days thanks to skincare, cosmetic tattoos, and rhinoplasty.”

“On the left, I was quite overweight from a high-risk pregnancy. My skin care routine consisted of washing my face with shampoo. On the right, I lost close to 100 pounds, had the deformity in my nose fixed, started seeing an esthetician, and had brow and lip tattoos. I feel amazing and don’t feel the need to plaster my face with heavy foundation and contour anymore because I don’t have anything I’m trying to hide.”

“I did natural makeup.”

“Before and after ’no makeup’ makeup”

“I put the foundation on top of the powder. The trick is to use the tiniest bit of powder. Dust it on lightly all over the face, and then buff your foundation on top. The powder ends up slightly filling in your pores and blurring textural issues.”

“I only wear makeup when I’m going somewhere fun, so I usually do dramatic looks. Lately, I’ve been working on more natural looks.”

“No makeup vs ’no makeup’ makeup”

“It’s −12°F with a wind chill of −45°F, so naturally, I’m practicing my contouring with a little ’no makeup’ makeup and staying inside!”

“I used to hate mascara, but now I can’t live without it.”

“My ’no makeup’ makeup done with the products I have at hand”

“I woke up tired and full of allergies. And here’s my ’no makeup’ makeup.”

“Today I wanted to look as natural as possible.”

“I wear glasses and always use a powder to help set my nose so the glasses don’t slip.”

“I’m trying to embrace having minimal eyebrows.”

“My day of ’no makeup’ makeup”

“I use eye drops to whiten my eyes with or without makeup and a lip balm.”

Natural makeup for a job fair

“I’ve heard so many times, ’You look so much better without makeup on!’”

“On the left, I’m without makeup. And on the right, I am ’without makeup,’ according to others.”

“If you only knew how much makeup went into this ‘natural’ look”

“My husband didn’t even realize I wore fake lashes on our first date. He now can spot my makeup and can even critique my blending.”

Bonus: “How far I’ve come! ’No makeup’ makeup, 5 months apart”

Preview photo credit eraser_dust / Reddit


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