15 Signs That Years Have Passed and You’re Finally Becoming a Ma’am

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2 years ago

As time goes by, we all inevitably grow old. But there’s no specific age when one turns into an adult woman, a lady, or a ma’am. But we believe you become one when some of your typical attitudes and regular activities change. For example, have you already replaced late-night parties with chilling sessions at home with good company, delicious food, and a cool movie?

Bright Side illustrated some of these situations, and it’s hard not to relate to them. If you do, then you may very well already be a part of the “ma’am club.”

1.You get excited about sales.

2. You don’t recognize modern artists.

3. Comfortable clothes are a priority.

4. You can’t stand noisy places.

5. You always wear a coat.

6. You’re into gardening.

7.You enjoy going to the supermarket.

8. You hear terms and don’t know what they mean.

9. Your social events changed.

10. Kids call you ma’am.

11. “Mom was right.”

12. Rainy nights are for staying at home.

13. Sundays aren’t just for sleeping in.

14. Your body aches.

15. No more layovers, please!

Do you do things that you believe make you a ma’am? Are there any that you’re proud of? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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