15 Situations That Are One Step Away From Being a Fail of the Day

2 years ago

According to research, Tuesday seems like the longest and most miserable day of the week. Having said that, most of us, unfortunately, experience bad days more than once a week. It just takes a little unfortunate event or an unpleasant sight to make us wish we could skip that day altogether. But the good news is that just as easily as they happen, it is as simple to turn a bad day around. We just need to keep our minds in a positive state and remind ourselves that good events will come sooner than we think.

Bright Side believes that we can always find a funny twist, even in an unfortunate situation. Here are some photos that prove our luck can decide to take a day off at any moment.

1. ’’I walked around all day with a thong hanging out of my hood.’’

2. ’’I decided to change barbers. I also have a date in 1 hour.’’

3. ’’Why would you buy groceries when you can grow your own?’’

4. ’’I broke my apple slicer and accidentally created a very dangerous apple.’’

5. ’’Today is not my day, apparently.’’

6. ’’So I ordered a pizza today...’’

7. ’’I just pulled into our campsite 450 miles away from home.’’

8. ’’I found a coupon for a free grilled chicken salad and I did this when popping it open.’’

9. ’’’Have kids,’ they said, ’It will be fun,’ they said.’’

10. ’’How my mom’s surprise birthday cake arrived’’

11. ’’I missed my breakfast.’’

12. ’’I found my kid’s watch he lost 3 months ago.’’

13. ’’I fell asleep on my charging cable. I have client-facing Zoom meetings today.’’

14. ’’I have a school concert in 2.5 hours.’’

15. ’’My brother wanted a wireless mouse, and a kid wanted to help.’’

How often do you experience unfortunate situations? Do you have any secrets that help you to turn your luck around?

Preview photo credit markom1946/Reddit


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