20 Shopping Fiascos That Make Us Scream, “I Want My Money Back!”

3 years ago

Online shopping always feels somewhat like a lottery. If you’re lucky, the size or pattern might be a little off. If you’re unlucky, you might get something else entirely that is of bad quality beyond belief — you just never know. But we can admit that the results make for some seriously good jokes.

We at Bright Side love having a good laugh and sympathize with people who manage to find humor in bad purchases.

1. “My dad bought a drilling machine on Wish. This just arrived.”

2. “Mother-in-law bought my wife a cozy blanket from China. Dog for scale...”

3. “They put his picture on the product description to let you know that yes, this is what we meant to send.”

4. “I bought some ’accent’ lashes. They look so natural.”

5. “Finally bought the kids a box of 60 Oreo packs through Amazon. This is what we got!”

6. “I bought a pigeon-proof bird table. Apparently not...”

7. “What I saw on Aliexpress vs what I received”

8. “Bought this in the summer when all the inflatable pools were sold out.”

9. “I order an okra salad and they bring me this instead every time.”

10. “They are the same plants, bought at the same store on the same day.”

11. “We ordered a soft cone for my dog and didn’t see that it was for cats.”

12. “Dad made the classic mistake of buying something on Amazon without checking the size. We now have 2 10-ft lamps.”

13. They expected 2 cars and 1 drawn car and received none at all.

14. “I can see why you’re upset. That kid looks nothing like a chair.”

15. “Mom ordered steps for the dog. He’s clearly disappointed.”

16. “My gummy vitamins — there’s a reason why I don’t order certain things during hot months.”

17. “My girlfriend ordered me a back scratcher, and what came was comical.”

18. “Lady came into my work to do a fraud dispute. She bought what she thought was a 6-ft Santa with a tree.”

19. “My girlfriend just bought our first Halloween decor of the year. It was supposed to say, ’Hocus Pocus.’”

20. They ordered a flower unicorn and received a flower uni...puppy?

What is the most disappointing purchase you’ve ever made?

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Surely the cost of those 10ft lamps should say something about the size. I only buy from the main sellers with amazon. None of this 'other sellers may be cheaper' nonsense.


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