15 Situations That Only Kids and Their Parents Could Get Into

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4 years ago

A kid’s way of thinking can often go unburdened by adult prejudices and stereotypes. Kids’ actions and sayings always have simple logic in them. That’s why it’s worth writing down the “great” thoughts of your children, and taking photos of funny moments that they create. You’ll smile a lot in the future when looking back over those masterpieces and may even become surprised once again at what your child’s fantasies make them capable of.

We at Bright Side laughed a lot over the jokes and photos that loving parents shared on the Internet. And we can say with confidence that nothing lightens the mood like a kid’s wisdom and directness.

When you see the Lego prices:

The harsh truth of life

What 5 minutes of silence look like:

That is cruel but true.

“My brother cut off the wire from broken earbuds to make them look like AirPods then gave them to my 5-year-old brother as a present, putting them in my mom’s official AirPod box. The small one still keeps wondering why they’re not connecting to his tablet.”

It’s too late!

The boy who saved himself from a fatal mistake

“My 4-year-old thinks he’s a ninja and that he’s completely invisible in front of black appliances.”

The delicate truth about girls

When having a brain sounds offensive:

“Something tells me that my daughter enjoys waking us up at 2 in the morning...”

“My daughter makes beds in random places. Today I found her asleep in a container.”

Kids are well aware of how important it is to have a family.

Love at first sight

The breakfast of a lifetime

Bonus: “Visited a friend who has 3 young sons and came upon this.”

Have either you or your kids made those around you laugh? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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No kidding: last night, my little 4 year old daughter lay down next to me and said: what a big fat fluffy belly, mommy! Since then, I don't know if I laugh or if I cry, because she wasn't exactly lying... Sad, but true!!!


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