15 Stories Proving That You’ll Never Be Bored With a Child

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3 years ago

Children are not just a joy for their parents, but they’re also little representatives of humanity who can think beyond stereotypes. That’s why their actions and sayings are so necessary at times. They help us remember that life is an exciting game full of humor.

At Bright Side, we love the ingenuousness of children because it provides us with many reasons to laugh along with unexpected wisdom.

  • My daughter waited for the promised adventures for the entire week. Finally, we boarded the plane.

— “Mom, if I close this shutter, will we fall and crash?”

— “No.”
— “Mom, if put down this armrest, will we fall and crash?”
— “No.”
— “It’s so boring...” © valenayaspers / twitter

  • Whenever I get discouraged and want to quit something, I remember the words of my then 3-year-old after she puked carrots all over the living room floor: “I’m gonna need more carrots.” © JessicaValenti / twitter
  • “Daughter, choose whatever you like!” We’re standing in the middle of a supermarket and I feel like a great mom. I’m ready to carry home pounds of ice cream and 200 teddy bears. My daughter walks along the shelves and looks at them attentively. Then she whispers, “I want to have a receipt, Mom.” © valenayaspers / twitter

  • Some time ago, I noticed that my sixth graders began to use perfume. This surprised me, but I thought that the scent of different perfume was better than the scent of dirty socks, for example. Today I found out what explained their sudden love for perfume and cologne — the math teacher was allergic to perfume. I asked their parents to hide the perfume. © feldkurat / pikabu
  • Once, my friend was telling me about her daughter, and I said, “Listen, maybe she’s having a 3-year crisis.” My friend replied, “How do I know? It won’t stop even if I know what it’s called.” © svetachalova / twitter
  • I stood in line at the bank with my little daughter. They showed different videos on the screen so that people wouldn’t get bored. One of the videos was about banking fraudsters who took out a loan and disappeared. Suddenly, a bristled man appeared on the screen. My daughter, pointing her finger at the monitor, said, “Mommy, look, it’s Daddy!” © Elena Vasilishina / facebook
  • After the usual machine-gun style question-and-answer session with my 5-year-old, my wife asked her why she asks so many questions. Her response, “Umm. Well, I don’t know anything.” © minusthemaliciousnes / reddit
  • When my eldest son is asked how old his mother is, he says, “My mom is 20 with 2 pluses,” and then points at his brother and himself. © Anutka Dzubenko / facebook
  • Me: “Did you finish your homework yet?”

8-year-old: “No, I was busy.”

Me: “With what?”

8-year-old: “Putting it off.” © XplodingUnicorn / twitter

  • When my kiddo was about 4 years old, I heard my son talking to himself in the bathroom and went to check on him. He was using a small piece of cardboard to push a spider in the direction of the bathtub, talking to the spider the entire time. “Excuse me, sir. Pardon me, sir, can I invite you to perhaps travel this way? Oh, no, not that way, sir. Over here, sir. Pardon me, sir, I don’t feel you’re listening...” © chickaboomba / reddit
  • We were having dinner today. My eldest son asks:
    — “Mom, is it true that every child should have a father?”
    — “True.”
    — “Then why are there 3 children in our family and only one father?” © 581rus / pikabu

  • I picked up my son from daycare and we were going home. He asked,
    — “Dad, how much is 2+3?”
    — “Son, you can work it out yourself.”
    — “I can’t.”
    — “Why?”
    — “I’m wearing mittens.” © prohladniy07 / pikabu

Do you have any funny stories that involve your children? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit prohladniy07 / pikabu


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My 22 months' daughter showed her forefinger and cried: my one hurt!! I didnot understand what she meant, until her three or five times repetition and I realized she meant her forefinger hurt as she uses it to show us one.


I have a 7wk old. I look forward to some Laughter in my future


For some reason when I was a little kid I would never stop singing. I didn't sing normal songs either, I would just make up songs. My mom has a video of her coming into the living room, because she heard me singing and wanted to video how cute I was. The words were something along the lines of "Oh spidey and longey I love you... Make webs and kill mosquitos... I hate mosquitos I want to kill them with lots and lots of big guns... I love you spidey and longey..." and when my mom came in the room I was sitting in the corner with two daddy long legs and singing to them. She also has another video of me in the bathroom, standing next to the toilet, which has a poo in it, and I say that I finally pooed in the toilet, not my pants and to please send this video to my dad and I have a dance called the poo-poo dance. For the next five minutes I proceed to twirl around the toilet and the sink singing a song called "I love my poops". I was an odd child.


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