15 superb Christmas decorations you can make with your kids

Christmas is not far off, so it’s time you thought about the decorations you need for your home to welcome in the holiday season. Of course, you can buy ready-made things in the shops, but it’s way more fun to make something original with your own hands — and those of your kids.

We at Bright Side recommend getting your children involved in this fun activity. So here are 15 great ideas for Christmas decorations which little hands can make.

Sock snowmen

You can make snowmen like these with the socks you don’t need anymore. All you need is some white socks, some rice to fill them out, some pieces of fabric, and a few buttons. Cut off the toe end of the sock and tie the other end together with thread. Fill it with rice so that it has a round shape, then tie the sock together again at a slightly lower position so that you have a smaller ball of rice at the top. Now tie it together at the top. Attach the eyes and nose, then make a scarf from a piece of cloth. The part of the sock you cut off earlier can serve as a cap.

Hanging Christmas trees

Use whole cinnamon sticks for the trunk. Glue some artificial fir branches and buttons in different colors to the stick. These trees will not only look great at home, but will also leave a sweet scent of cinnamon.

A cork reindeer

Cork is an excellent material for making all kinds of things. For example, you can make this cute little reindeer. You just need some wine bottle corks, glue and some beads to decorate it with. It’s a perfect accessory for your Christmas tree!

Stick decorations

Ice cream and popsicle sticks can be used to create these lovely little Christmas trees, snowmen and even snowflakes. All you need is some paint, glitter and a little creativity. These decorations can easily be made with the help of your children — even toddlers can help out!

Christmas trees made from coloured paper

These wonderful little Christmas trees can be created by making a simple cone from green paper or cardboard and decorating it with various items such as buttons, pebbles, beads and various paper figures.

Potato paintings

You can make this cute print if you dip half of a potato in gouache paint. All you need to do then is paint on the remaining features once the paint is dry. This one is great fun for toddlers.

Pasta snowflakes

Glue pieces of pasta of different shapes and sizes together to form a snowflake, and paint them silver. Stick a ribbon on to hang up your snowflake, and your unusual but beautiful ornament is ready.

Bottle cap snowmen

Cover some metal bottle caps with white paint (it’s better to use an acrylic one) and glue them to each other as shown in the picture. Draw a snowman’s face on one, and decorate with it with a bright scarf made from a ribbon. If you stick a loop on top, then you’ll be able to hang your little snowman on the Christmas tree.

Pine cone decorations

You can make various animals, and in deed many other Christmassy things, using pine cones. You will need some paint, pieces of cloth, buttons and of course, your imagination and inspiration!

A button Christmas tree

Gather up some green buttons of varying size and diameter and a few brown ones for the trunk, then fix them together with a thick thread. Decorate the top with a star.

Coloured baubles

Place pieces of crayon inside special transparent baubles which you can buy in the shops, then heat them with a hair dryer. Once the crayons have melted, you’ll be left with beautiful coloured stains inside the bauble.

Fingerprint Christmas lights

All you need to draw is the cord, and then give your kids different coloured paints — let them dip their fingertips in the paint, and voila! — the little lights are as good as done already. This design is great for decorating both Christmas cards or a gift bag.

Glittering stars

Cardboard tubes for toilet paper can be converted into a colourful decoration. Cut the tube so that you have several smaller parts all the same width. Fold the pieces so that they look like flower petals, then glue them together to form a star. Once the glue is dry, paste some glitter on to the stars. Now you can hang them on your Christmas tree!

Paper baubles

Cut circles out of coloured paper or cardboard. Decorate with glitter, Christmassy labels or drawings, and any other items you like. Make a small hole in the top and thread a ribbon through it to hang it on your Christmas tree.

A pine cone Christmas tree

An ordinary pine cone can be transformed into a nice little festive tree. Cover it with green paint and decorate it with beads and ribbons. You can add some "snow" by painting some of the tips of the pine cone white.


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