19 Tender Pictures That Can Brighten Even the Dullest Day

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It’s human nature to actively seek out happiness. However, many of us are too busy to notice the little things and opportunities that can cheer us up. Moreover, research shows that happiness is always there, we simply need to take notice of overlooked details, recognize the small actions around us, and learn to appreciate life’s little things and, often unexpected, pleasures.

At Bright Side, we decided to put together a compilation of 19 sweet pictures that can help you see life from a different perspective and make you feel an unequivocal amount of joy.

1. “My daughter: ’Dad, it looks like a giant piece of pizza. I’ll be the round pepperoni.’”

2. “Daddy, you’re hairy all over, where can I put this tattoo?”

3. “Mom is in the process of moving and is having her cat stay in her office.”

“She went out of town for a long weekend, and sweet Turtle is so happy she’s back.”

4. “My cereal wishes me a good day.”

5. “Sometimes, you just need a full-body hug from the poodle boys.”

6. “He found one, my dearest art critic!”

7. “I made a pillow fort in my room and came back to find my baby girl in it!”

8. “In case you’ve never seen a milk-drunk newborn, here’s mine.”

9. “My dog sleeps on her back.”

10. “This very wholesome set of stairs”

11. “Everyone says how happy my newborn looks here, but I then inform them she looks like this because she was farting on me. That’s my girl.”

12. “I cracked this walnut in half to discover it was shaped like a heart!”

13. “I was singing to my newborn to get him to sleep, and my good boy, Gimli, got a bit too involved!”

14. “My sons (age 4, adopted from foster care) insist they are twins.”

15. “My pitbull won’t let my newborn out of her sight. She is a good girl!”

16. “I loved my son’s slippers so much I had to commission someone to make me a matching pair.”

17. “Watching the game with Grandpa.”

18. “This is my life now.”

19. “My daughter making use of her time off posing her son/my grandson with interesting backdrops.”

Which of the above photos made you smile the most? Do you think that a cheerful nature is innately in a person, or can anyone train themselves to achieve that state? We’d love for you to share your opinion with us.

Preview photo credit narlycharley/Reddit


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