15+ Tattoos From Korean Artist, Sion, That’ll Knock You Down With Their Delicacy

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With so many tattoo styles and techniques that are available nowadays, it’s really hard to choose the one that both your eyes and mind will love at first sight. But today’s featured tattooist is more than an artist, she is a real philosopher. The woman shows love and care, not only through her artwork, which is beautifully and thoughtfully detailed, but she also really loves everyone who steps into her life. It’s artists of this nature that are game changers, and they inspire others to see the magic of life with the help of tattoos.

Art is something that’s in Sion’s genes.

Sion draws her strong inspiration for tattoo culture from the influence of her mother, who’s also a tattooist. Since childhood, she loved watching her mom get absorbed by her art.

Sion says, “Also, the moment I realized how powerful the messages on the skin could be exhibited to individuals, I was so fascinated by it and decided that this was going to be my life work. This is because the act of leaving a mark on one’s body, even at the cost of having to endure the pain, is a noble spirit that can represent memory, friendship, love, or oneself, which are desired to be kept forever in one’s mind.”

The artist can get inspired by just about anything.

There are quite a few things that make Sion’s creative spirit shine. She’s especially fond of traditional Korean beauty. She points out some symbols that are a real source of new tattoo ideas, explaining, “Out of this, the emotional beauty of daenggi (a ribbon), norigae, an ornamental silver knife, knots, and plum blossoms are what I would like to continuously express.”

Also, surprisingly, the artist gets inspired by the poetry, as it helps her create real body art masterpieces.

Sion has a favorite style that she polishes and brings to perfection.

Sion is very fond of tattoos that display traditional knots. She explains that a Korean traditional knot symbolizes Korea’s native spirit of the tying and cutting of relationships between individuals.

She says, “Here, just like how the knots get more tangled once hastily untied by force, the relationship between individuals is something that cannot be broken by force. Yet, if necessary, it should be untied, one by one, slowly, so that the remaining affection between individuals is not harmed.”

The artist has many other hobbies that help her creative soul flourish.

When she’s not working, Sion loves to read books and learn new things. In addition to tattooing, she’s very interested in photo-related work. So on her days off, she experiments with photography.

Also, the tattooist loves to do collaborations. Sometimes she and other photographers do tattoo-related shoots, and she gets a lot of good ideas and learns a lot. She fell in love with photography because, in her opinion, it has a similar appeal to tattoos in that it can last forever.

The artist has a lot of plans and ambitions.

Among other plans for the future, Sion wants to see how her native country’s tattoo community will develop more.

She says, “There were more opposing views than favorable views toward tattoos up until my mother’s time. However, I am relieved to see the Korean tattoo culture settling down and developing today.”

Preview photo credit tattooist_sion / Instagram


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