15+ Things Whose Existence Actually Surprised Us

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Every time we discover something new, it feels as if we’ve summoned our inner detective to figure out what the object is and what it’s used for. Though they may appear strange at times, we are fascinated by how amazing and rare these items are. And this makes for a pretty memorable moment.

1. “What is this large vessel I found in the basement of an old psychiatric hospital?”

2. “This brass brooch has a hidden spring and opens like a clothespin. Does anyone recognize this?”

3. “Looks like a telescope, maybe it used to be?”

4. “Does anyone know what this is, specifically what the carvings in the object are?”

  • “From the little knowledge I have about Nordic mythology, this looks like a Nordic/Icelandic stave, a sort of rune for good luck (fishing or finding gold) for the fans of the Viking series.” © Solomon**** / Reddit

5. “What is this metal thing sewn into the women’s Charter Club golf pants that I got?”

6. “A wooden item with a wheel that spins smoothly by turning a crank on one side. What is this used for?”

7. “Made of wood, made in Japan, inside diameter about 10 and a half inches. What is the use though?”

  • “It’s a serving bowl, serve whatever you like in it. It doesn’t have a specific purpose.” © dunkybones / Reddit

8. “What is the glass bump on older windows throughout the apartment complex?”

  • “Starting a fire in a fireplace requires an updraft. In a small, closed room, you need to crack a window. A vent like this lets you accomplish that without letting rain in.” © jelder / Reddit

9. “What is the purpose of this cut glass hexagon with a hole?”

10. “What is this fork with offset tines for?”

11. “Thing on the top moves up and down. What is this used for?”

  • “It’s an oiler, used to flood bearings with oil before the days of sealed bearings. I’ve had these on old lathes with babbitt bearings.” © NoGuitar**** / Reddit

12. “Seems to be iron, no moving parts, pack of Tic Tacs for scale. Is it used for display?”

  • “It looks like an ornamental display stand. My grandmother had something similar for collectible China/dinner plates.” © riddus / Reddit

13. “Piece of vintage medical equipment, no maker’s marks of any kind. Looks like a tool used for something?”

  • “It’s a tonsil hemostat, a V-shaped instrument with a ratchet; each end has a blade; the inner edge is covered with a gauze pad clamped by a sliding ring on the arm.” © Jacky**** / Reddit

14. “Found this behind the drawer of a sewing machine from 1910. Maybe a letter opener or a broken paintbrush?”

15. “A stick with 4 prongs approximately one foot long, possibly Scandinavian in origin?”

16. “A small plier, around 15 cm, all metal, no markings. They have a spinnable top part. What is this used for?”

  • “I had one in art school. It’s clamped onto a tube of oil or acrylic paint and cranked to squeeze all of the expensive paint available out of the tube. Very helpful for starving artists.” © ontimpaul / Reddit

17. “A spoonlike thing with a pointed end made of solid silver with engravings. Is this a kitchen tool?”

  • “Tupus were worn point facing upward to hold the dress together and to pin the cloak or shoulder mantle (lliclla) about the shoulders. They were a prominent means of displaying wealth and refinery for women Indios (or ‘cholas’) across the Andes.” © Prof_NoLife / Reddit

18. “5-inch plastic with nails and hooks is used to...?”

  • “It’s just for hanging paintings. The multiple hooks are to give you more height options once you place it.” © whatthedeuce** / Reddit

19. “Found this metal container with a detachable lid, and it has lots of small holes. Is this a mini cooker pot?”

20. “The metal parts are button-type things and were found in a bin full of other random things.”

  • “I think I can answer this. Arnold baton holder for police public order kit. One loop clips around the belt, the baton goes through the metal hoop and then the other clip also goes around the baton. I have one myself as I’m a public order trained officer.” © R**Matt / Reddit

21. “What is this paddle-like object? Received from a friend but our friend had no idea what it was.”

  • “My grandma was Norwegian and used a similar tool for transporting lefse from the countertop we rolled it out onto the griddle. Lefse is super thin so it needs a tool flat enough to slip underneath it and long enough to support it all the way across.” © floresynthesis / Reddit

Do you have any items or antiques and would like to figure out what they’re for? Tell us about your own discoveries in the comment section.

Preview photo credit doodlytoodly / Reddit


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