15 Things You Are Doing Wrong Every Day

8 months ago

This is the right way to use a hairbrush. Don’t use it horizontally. Hold it in a vertical position.

The bristles are lined up vertically. If you hold the comb horizontally, then these bristles begin to bend. You can check it yourself and feel how convenient it is this way.

You enter the room and take off your sunglasses. Where are you gonna hide them? Are you gonna hold them in your hand or hang the glasses on your shirt collar? Or maybe put them in your pocket? The best way is to put the glasses in the breast pocket, so the lenses look inside and only one temple tip sticks out. Your glasses will be protected from damage this way.

According to the rules of etiquette, you must always let out those who’re leaving the room, building, or elevator first and only then enter. This simple rule helps to avoid collisions and awkward situations.

Do you have paint rollers in your house? Let’s say you’re doing repairs and painting walls. See how a thick layer of paint gets on the roller? People clean it in different ways: someone washes it off with water or scrapes the paint off with a knife or paper. But there is an easier way. You can buy special squeegees for paint rollers. Their blade shape fits the roller perfectly and scrapes off all the dirt.

Toothpicks are always on the table at restaurants and cafés. Most people use them incorrectly when picking their teeth with them after eating. The correct and cultured way is to go into the restroom and carefully pull out all the food.

You don’t have to tear off the cover layer from the dishwasher tablet. This layer is tiny. Just put it in the tank, and the water will dissolve the cover.

You know this feeling of happiness when you’re hungry and find some pizza in the fridge? How are you gonna reheat it? You can use a microwave or an oven, but there is a great alternative way. Heat a frying pan and put a piece of pizza on the side of it. Add a little water to the opposite side. Then, cover the pan with a lid or foil. Be careful there! After a couple of minutes, take it out and taste the pizza. It’s perfect, right?

Don’t brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush using fast movements. This device should move back and forth smoothly.

These shoulder straps with buttons on your jacket have a purpose. They were invented to keep your backpack straps tightly on your shoulders, preventing them from slipping off. Try it yourself! Unhook the straps, put on the backpack, and attach them back!

Keep the box with the hole up when you’re pouring juice or milk out of it. Then there will be less splashing.

Always put the toilet lid down before flushing it. Small imperceptible particles of dirty water splash and pollute the entire space when you keep it open.

Many people have a seasoning shaker in their kitchen. And most just shake it to pour spices on food. If you’re one of them, stop right there! Just flip it over and scroll the top cover with holes. Spices will easily fall down without any obstacles!

Do you have bad breath? How are you gonna check it? You can breathe on the palm and feel it, but this method is not effective. It’s much better to lick your wrist. Don’t touch it with the tongue tip — lick it with the middle part. Smell it, and... yes, that’s what people feel when you’re talking to them.

One of the ways to keep your breath fresh is to stay silent. When you talk a lot, your mouth dries up. Without moistening with saliva, many bacteria accumulate in it. And this is what gives you bad breath.

There’s an empty space between the panes in the oven door. You can stick a brush in there to clean the window. The entrance to this space is at the bottom of the door. Open the lower shelf, then push the brush through the hole.

There are many ways to separate the yolk from the white in a raw egg. You can use special spoons or do it with a bottle. Someone slowly pours egg white from the shell. None of the methods are easy, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. But you can extract the yolk much more efficiently without any additional equipment. Just pour the raw egg into a plate and take out the yolk... with your own hands! But before that, oil your fingers with garlic.

Did you know that it’s better to wash the rice in cold water before cooking it? Water helps to separate the dry grains from each other. During cooking, the washed rice grains don’t stick together. This makes the rice fluffy and delicious.

The easiest way to peel garlic is to put it in the microwave! Cut off the tip, then leave it in the microwave for 20–30 seconds. Done! You can peel it easily now!

Do you know how to properly open a pack of spaghetti? Take it with both hands. Hold it upright and hit the bottom part against the table. Don’t be afraid to use force. The lower side of the pack should evenly touch the table surface. A slight deviation can damage your spaghetti. You can also open it by strongly slapping its back with your palm, but this option requires more practice.

It turns out that you don’t really have to wrap your suitcase with a protective plastic film while traveling. You can use a T-shirt instead. Just put your clothes on your suitcase as a cover and don’t waste your time and money plastic-wrapping it.

Here’s the right way to tie a garbage bag to get rid of the hole in the middle! Don’t tie these thin straps together. Hold them to the top, make a knot, and wrap the knot through the loop. Now you have a good tight seal here.

Here’s the best way to open a bag of chips at a party. Put the bag horizontally, fold two corners on the same side and roll this side inside a little bit. Put the bag with this rolled side on the table and open the top.

Your ceiling fan has two modes of operation — the winter and the summer one. You need to find the switch to change between them. Switch it up to activate the winter mode, and the fan will pull the air up. Turn on the summer mode, and the fan will push the air down to cool the room.

If you’re afraid of losing your luggage at the airport, here’s a great way to avoid it. You need to take a picture of your suitcase in advance to show it to the airport staff later. You can also buy a special GPS tracker and put it in your bag. It can work for 6 days. You can use your phone to locate your luggage wherever it is.

The extra space under your oven is not only for keeping frying pans and pots. You can put dishes with food there. The oven heat will keep the food warm. It’s helpful if you’re waiting for guests and they are late.

Don’t tuck the bathrobe belt through the back. Pull it out and thread it through loops on the side of your stomach. After that, tie the belt as you like. The robe will fit tightly to the body.

You get a hot pack of popcorn out of the microwave and feel that small unpopped grains are in there! You can get rid of them before you open the box. See this tiny hole in the top? Shake it over a plate, and all the grains will fall through it!

Have you ever found pieces of fabric coming with new clothes? They are not patches. These are the “first test subjects” before cleaning. You can put this piece in the washing machine and see what will happen to it. If everything’s okay, you can safely wash your clothes.

Here’s an easy way to peel an orange. Just cut off its top and bottom and make an incision down to the middle. Now, unroll the fruit.

You can open cardboard containers with Chinese food by expanding paper walls and using them as a plate. This way, you’ll get more space and cool down your food faster.


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