15 Times Celebrities Donned Runway Outfits on the Red Carpet, and It’s Hard to Decide Who Wore It Better

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There are 5 major fashion events every year, and it’s always amusing to see the fresh trends they showcase for each season. Extravagant clothing looks great on models as they strut down the runway. But we all tend to wonder how all these outfits look off the catwalk. Thanks to celebrities and red carpets, we know the answer to this question.

1. Moschino model vs Zendaya

Jonas Gustavsson / Sipa USA / East News, © mjmediabox / Alamy Stock Photo

2. Louis Vuitton model vs Joe Jonas

3. Rokh model vs Sydney Sweeney

x / Avalon / Photoshot / East News, © AFF-USA / Shutterstock.com

4. Haider Ackermann model vs Thimothée Chalamet

PIXELFORMULA / SIPA / Sipa Press Russia / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

5. Louis Vuitton model vs Sophie Turner

6. Claudia Schiffer at the Chanel fashion show vs Kate Middleton

7. Nina Ricci model vs Zendaya

Jonas Gustavsson / Sipa USA / East News, CHRIS DELMAS / AFP / East News

8. Valentino model vs Florence Pugh

9. Gucci model vs Harry Styles

10. Schiaparelli model vs Taylor Russell

SIPA / SIPA / East News, © David Fisher / Shutterstock.com

11. Giambattista Valli model vs Lizzo

xx / Avalon / Photoshot / East News, FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / East News

12. Rick Owens model vs Zendaya

Invision / Invision / East News, www.fashionpps.com / Avalon / Photoshot / East News

13. Dior model vs Tessa Thompson

Ik Aldama / DPA / East News, Fernando Allende / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

14. Valentino model vs Florence Pugh

15. Lanvin model vs Naomi Watts

x / Avalon / Photoshot / East News, © Erik Pendzich / Shutterstock.com

If you had a chance to wear clothes created by any fashion designer at any time, what outfit would you choose? Please share its pictures with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Jonas Gustavsson / Sipa USA / East News, mjmediabox / Alamy Stock Photo


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Personally the only ones I like here are Zendayas even if not my favorite actress- and people pughs pink one of and definitely Lizzos. All the rest are horrible....


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