15 Times Designs Deserved a Medal for Being Both Kooky and Witty

year ago

Sometimes imagination can bring us unexpected results. Even a bottle of ketchup can become a home phone from a designer’s perspective. Such people like to recycle stuff and add some unusual details. This kind of creativity is not popular, but still, it clings to the eye.

1. “A Dominican hospital drilled a white plastic chair into a wheelchair frame.”

2. “A folded stack of fabric fondant”

3. “This dress with a hand”

4. “Socks and sandals — why not cut out the middle man?”

5. “Friendly garden chairs”

6. “My husband Photoshopped our cat as an astronaut and had it printed on his Vans. Sweetest boy in space!”

7. “This little half-baked thing”

8. “This building’s lobby has origami money.”

9. “Heart cake”

10. “A $350 lamp I found”

11. “Found this in a random courtyard in Helsinki.”

12. This bug cake

13. “Taiwanese Oreo-stuffed crust calamari and popcorn chicken pizza”

14. This toilet seat that brings success

15. “This phone that’s shaped like a ketchup bottle”

Which item was the most surprising to you? If you were a designer, what style would you pick?


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