15 Times Nature Played Wizard and Turned Ordinary Things Into Anomalies

3 years ago

Nature can never be completely understood. A giant snail, crazy-looking clouds, a tree growing inside a STOP sign... Yep, nature is the only one who decides what is normal and what isn’t. It’s just up to us to accept things as they are and bask in the creative glory that is served to us every single day.

Bright Side is all about pushing the limits of the impossible, and we can’t wait to show you the following 15 photos (plus a bonus pic) that will make you wonder whether these are real or photoshopped.

1. Just about the biggest lemon I’ve ever seen.

2. Beautiful black scales of an Earless Monitor Lizard

3. Wind from a storm blew down a tree, pulling up my entire yard.

4. When 2 seasons can’t agree on who’s in charge, Vermont

5. A storm coming over the Czech Republic today with this bonkers shelf cloud

6. A rare red rainbow in Lansing

7. Insane mammatus clouds in Texas

8. These huge blueberries I found

9. A rare and majestic cross fox

10. Huge cabbage, weighing in at 66 lbs, feeds 120 homeless people for Sunday lunch.

11. Nature forming its own breathtaking columns

12. This giant African land snail

13. This tree grew inside the STOP sign.

14. One of the hottest inhabited places, with lakes made of sulfuric acid

15. Mesmerizing ice cave in Argentina

Bonus: The fantastic, mythical-looking moth!

Which of these miraculous natural creations astonished you the most? Do you have similarly unorthodox and unique photos of natural anomalies? If yes, share them in the comment section.


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4, in nebraska it litterly could be in like the 70s in the morning then below freezing in the afternoon and snowing


Number 5 looks so sick! I would be pretty scared tho if I saw this from my window


My boyfriend loves eating lemons like apples, he must really want this big one ?


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