15+ Times Nature Showed Us That Giving Up Is Not an Option

3 years ago

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up,” Thomas Edison once said. Sometimes, when it becomes tough, we tend to give up rather than keep going through obstacles. Nature, however, proves that even if there are thousands of barriers, there is no possibility of giving up.

We at Bright Side created a list of evidence showing nature being incredibly tough to break through, and we believe that it will help our readers to also keep going.

1. “This tree fell over but kept growing.”

2. “Alligators camouflaged themselves in the snow.”

“It snowed this winter and these 2 didn’t want to go to the warmer pond. They claimed this one as their home turf and stuck it out during a snow storm. We have an alligator farm in southern Colorado heated by geothermal wells.”

Note: Both of the alligators are safe and well.

3. “This jackfruit tree is so fertile, even the roots started to bear fruit.”

4. “A magnificent nineteenth-century hydropower plant that nature took over.”

5. “The tree is eating a fence. The plants will take the earth back one day.”

6. “An osprey will build its nest anywhere.”

7. “Another beautiful tree — strong and powerful, continuously flourishing and growing against the wall”

8. “This tree adapts to the urban environment by mimicking a cellular transmission tower.”

9. “Even after being brutally chopped, banana trees never give up!”

10. “The tree’s roots broke the concrete.”

11. “This tree in my neighborhood is rejecting a traffic sign and is accurately expressing tree outrage.”

12. “Nature taking over an abandoned 110-year-old villa in Belgium.”

13. “My lawn mower found a baseball.”

14. “Lost in the woods.”

15. A 5-week difference between the photos.

16. “Nature finds a way to survive any place it possibly can.”

Have you ever witnessed nature breaking through barriers? Share your experience and pictures in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit paulrudder1982 / Reddit


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Did the cell tower confuse anyone else??
It's just a cell tower, not a tree...?
Guess the "disguise" worked though XD


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