15+ Times People Failed So Badly We Wanted to Hug Them

2 years ago

A girl who tried so hard to bake a nice khachapuri, but just got a bun instead, a man who bought a heart-shaped bike rear light that looked so funny, or a pet owner who gave their dog a rib-tickling DIY haircut. These are just a few examples of how people wanted the best but got a little mess instead, and we totally felt their pain!

Here at Bright Side, we know that failure is the mother of experience, and today we’ve collected 19 stories from people who learned from their mistakes and were able to smile right in the face of misfortune.

1. “This was way cuter when I pictured it in my head.”

2. “I asked the guy at the pet shop to cut only the bangs out of my dog’s eyes, but then he came back to me as an 80-year-old bald man.”

3. “Every single thing from the fridge is in this car soup, it’s fine, I’m fine.”

4. “My hairdresser did this.”

5. “Made 2 cherry cream cheese ’braids.’ Going to tell everyone it’s creepy for Halloween.”

6. “My friend came home to find her kid had given himself a haircut for his school photo tomorrow.”

7. “Perks of having red hair.”

8. “Went for a haircut and this was the result.”

9. “Tried out a DIY haircut on my dog.”

10. “Paid $19 for 8 of these tiny wings from a local BBQ joint.”

11. “My friend’s vitamins melted into a solid block. This is how he takes them now.”

12. “My boyfriend made pepperoni pizza and left it in the oven for 5 hours. I’m no longer the bad cook of the family.”

13. “French macarons, nailed it!”

14. “Pulled the string.”

15. “Customer said all 4 of them were uninjured but we can’t say the same about the car.”

16. “Sweet old man at the beach: ‘Would you like me to take a photo of you 2 love birds?’ My wife: ‘Yes please!’ ”

17. “My dad recently rescued a German shepherd and asked me to take a nice portrait of her to send to the shelter.”

18. “So I bought this lovely heart-shaped rear light for my bike.”

19. “So I tried to make a khachapuri. Expectation vs Reality.”

What is the most recent fail that made you roll your eyes and then just smile helplessly?

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