15+ Times People Proved That Kindness Is All Around Us

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Sometimes it’s not easy for us to see the sunnier side of life. But the good news is that there are still people who always choose to be kind to others, even when times get tough.

To serve as an inspiration to all of us, Bright Side has gathered some photos that will restore our faith in humanity. These people are a living testament that small acts of kindness go a long way.

1. “My classmates decided to shave their heads for cancer research. Only one girl volunteered.”

2. “Christmas donkeys made a surprise visit to our memory care assisted living.”

“The happy tears coming from my residents were absolutely priceless!”

3. “My generous mother-in-law’s shocked face when she saw they’re getting the new couch she wants for Christmas.”

“We’re glad to do something for her this time.”

4. “After years of struggling with anxiety, depression and OCD, I wrote a book of poetry to help other people with it.”

5. “Helping my assistant put on a tie to go with their first fitted suit. I felt very fatherly in that moment.”

6. “My stepdad helping out an elderly woman in the recent flooding”

7. “My sister found a cane on a fence outside of a store. She called the number printed on it and returned it to a kind old man.”

8. “My dad and the ridiculously photogenic owl he helped escape from our barn”

9. “Donated this 24,000-piece puzzle to a children’s mental health center.”

10. “Volunteered as Santa at the local animal shelter. This is my favorite picture by far.”

11. “A good samaritan found the wallet I lost in the ocean...24 years ago!”

12. “My husband has been bringing his trash picker to clean up local parks and hiking trails long before it was a hashtag.”

13. “Take what you need at my local high school. The admin and teachers here are making such a difference for these kids.”

14. “I picked this man up during a rare Los Angeles downpour. He missed the last bus and was shuffling home in the rain.”

“Turned out he was miles away.”

15. “Every Christmas, my mom takes a bunch of envelopes with $20 cash in them and hands them out to strangers in our town.”

16. “Told my barber I recently finished a dream project of releasing an action film, and he offered to hang the movie poster in his shop.”

17. “My dad was dealing with a lot of stress, so we decided to get him a dog to see if it would help.”

How about you? When was the last time you reached out and lent a helping hand to someone? Let us know all about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit thehydrastation / Reddit


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