15 Times True Love Was Perfectly Captured in a Photo

2 years ago

Be it decades of time or fluctuating money conditions, nothing can break apart 2 people who really love each other. In addition to saying those 3 special words, they believe in doing sweet little things for their partner, like scraping snow off their vehicle to support them when they need it the most, just to put a smile on their face.

Bright Side is swooning over such couples and would like to share their adorable stories with our readers.

1. “My blind friend got engaged yesterday....he’s pretty sure.”

2. “Here is my wife thinking she is surprising me, scraping snow off my car after a 12-hour night shift at the hospital. I’m a lucky fella.”

3. “My wife and I have also lost a ton of weight together! It has brought us closer together and we are so much happier.”

4. “My grandparents, 50 years apart (1932/1982) — she wasn’t so shy back then.”

5. “My wife and I went swimming with turtles on our honeymoon, so I painted her this for our first anniversary.”

6. “Found an old, romantic photo of my parents. It was taken when they ran away from their houses in order to be free for a week (the 1990s).”

7. “The moment I proposed to my wife in front of protestors”

8. “My girlfriend’s glasses broke, so I replaced the lenses in Google Cardboard with her prescription lenses. It works!”

9. “A 2,500-mile flight, a 2-hour drive, a 6-hour hike, and my wife is at rest.”

“We got to know each other on a backpacking trip there, and I proposed in the same mountains a year later.”

10. “I asked my girlfriend of 5 years to marry me and I can’t tell who was more emotional — her or my dog (bottom left).”

11. “Wife’s engagement ring fell down a vent. Instead of hiring someone, I chose to take on the extraction myself, the techie way!”

12. “My grandparents on their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary”

13. “My wife lived in a tent with me for 3 months when I got an internship in another state and couldn’t find anywhere to rent. We’re finally back home!”

14. “I’m the guy who proposed with the ring around a puppy’s collar a couple of years ago. Here we are on our anniversary.”

15. “My grandparents renewed their wedding vows after celebrating 60 years of marriage.”

Have you ever felt true love? We’d love to see photos of you and your partner in the comments below!

Preview photo credit The_Mongoose / Reddit


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i feel very bad for the first one .why did anyone tell him


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