15 Times We Realized How Odd Life Would Be Without a Sense of Humor

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Sometimes life can change drastically with the appearance of one single detail. For example, it can be a pet or a child. Maybe you also changed your job. Such things can definitely bring on thousands of incredible and funny moments without asking if you need them or not.

We at Bright Side rounded up 16 pictures that perfectly show how life can change, and all you need is a sense of humor.

1. “Goldie always picks on Wiz.”

2. “Our Airbnb had a translucent bathroom door. I’m used to my impatient toddler stalking me through the bathroom door, but this took it to a much creepier level.”

3. “Recently I got specs and no one told me this.”

4. “DC condos really pretend that this is okay.”

5. This is a new life for a cat.

6. They will find you wherever you are.

7. “My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room. They said it looked like it started at the washer. I rushed in to find this. A bunch of comedians in my house...”

8. “My new sim card got delivered. At least now I know what this is called.”

9. “Sir, I’m pretty sure this is just a domestic flight.”

10. “My wife’s big moment presenting a birthday cake at work”

11. “I got a new job at a pool company, and this is the bathroom.”

12. “I wondered for a while why the lid was open every day.”

13. “So almost every day for the last 2 weeks, this one squirrel just comes to the door and rubs its nipples.”

14. “I bought a house!! And now I am an adult. And as such, I wear a suit every day and carry paperwork in my briefcase.”

15. “My cat went missing for 2 days, so I put an advert on Facebook. Literally, 5 minutes later, my cat comes to the door. 30 minutes later, my neighbor comes and drops off what he thought was my cat. Now I have 2 identical cats.”

How is your day going? Which picture did you like the most?

Preview photo credit Your_post_not_good / Reddit


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