15 Tiny Details in Any Look That Scream, “Fix Me Right Away!”

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3 years ago

When people look at themselves in the mirror, they try to hold a good pose, smile, raise their brows, and do many other things that can make them look more attractive. However, sometimes accidental shots can unfold the real truth: like your hair being styled completely different than you imagined, posture that’s far from perfect, and brows that look as if a small kid drew them on. And that’s how the surrounding people actually see us.

We at Bright Side looked at people from all angles and figured out what details many of them miss simply because they don’t see them. That’s why it’s important to remember that apart from the front of our looks, people can also see us from the side, the back, and even from above.

1. The view of a hairdo from the back

Typically, we tend to think that everything is fine with our hair after having checked how it looks in the front. Unfortunately, the view from the back can be quite disappointing. That’s what happened to Britney Spears at one of the big award shows she attended. She had perfect styling in the front and tangled hair in the back, which of course, spoiled the entire look.

That’s why it’s better to check how you look with the help of a small mirror before you leave home. Take the small mirror in your hands, turn your back to a big mirror, and catch the reflection of the back of your head in the small mirror. You can use the same trick to see yourself from the sides.

2. Foundation applied exclusively to the face

Many people’s facial skin is darker than the skin on their neck. Since the face is an open part of the body, it gets more sun rays. This is especially noticeable in the summer when the face gets tan and the neck stays fair. When it comes to foundation, many people choose it according to their facial tone and apply it up to the chin line. But this causes a clear border to be visible from the side to everyone, while the face looks like an orange mask. And a foundation that’s too fair will have the same effect but with a different shade. The best solution is to use multiple shades of foundation to be able to create a natural-looking color.

3. Slouching

People with good posture make a good impression and radiate confidence. But our life is inextricably linked with various gadgets, and many people have to spend the whole working day sitting at a computer. This all can result in involuntarily pulling one’s head closer to the screen. These actions first create strong tension in the muscles of the neck and spine, leading this poor body positioning to become habitual.

There’s an easy way to understand whether you have issues with the spine or not. Lean against a wall with your shoulder blades, buttocks, and heels aligned with it. Your feet should be straight and the gaze should be directed forward. Try to stand at least 1-2 minutes in such a position. If you realize that you’re feeling discomfort, it means you should pay more attention to your back. For example, you can start doing special exercises such as bends, twists, and stretching.

4. A frayed and cracked bag

The constant wearing of a bag inevitably leads to the appearance of scuffs, cracks, and stains on it. It happens both with expensive and budget-friendly items. It’s important to carefully monitor the condition of your accessories and bring them back to a good state (if possible) or get rid of them. This is because exposed thread, worn-out corners, and peeling paint on metal or plastic details can create an unkempt look and spoil the reputation of whoever’s wearing it.

5. Jeans that fit poorly

Not all jeans are equally useful. And while any cut, at some point in time, can be very flattering to someone, there are also options that can spoil one’s body shape by creating extra volume, unnecessary folds, or killing the feminine look completely. Even those who like oversized looks should pay attention to how jeans fit their hips, especially from the back when choosing a new pair. After all, the worst thing one can end up having is awkward looking jeans sagging from the back.

6. Appearing pigeon-toed

It wasn’t long ago that the clubfoot came in hot from Japan. That was when people would elegantly put their toes together and feet apart in photos (remember, there’s no logical explanation for things that suddenly become fashionable). However, this trend is long gone, and if you still have this habit, it’s high time you started to control the positioning of your feet. It doesn’t look healthy or attractive.

7. Wrinkled clothing

Ironing takes a lot of time and many people consider this activity to be exhausting. Moreover, sloppy looks are trendy nowadays — and knowing this, many people started to neglect ironing. However, only a few people can look stylish in wrinkled clothes: those who know how to combine things. In most cases, surrounding people get the impression of the so-called fashion monger’s negligence, especially when it’s not warm out.

8. Clothes that don’t fit your type

Every girl has her own body type, whether it be dramatic, romantic, natural, or gamine. Thanks to this typology, women can easily develop a personal wardrobe that will emphasize their charisma and remarkable physical features. Therefore, even the most relevant, feminine, or expensive clothes can look extremely ridiculous on one person and incredibly fabulous on another.

9. Choosing the wrong size of clothes

One of the most common mistakes people make when putting together a look is choosing clothes that are too large or too small. It greatly affects the perception of your body shape. For example, underwear that’s too tight can contribute to the appearance of rolls on the back and sides, even if the girl is slim. And oversized trousers visually break proportions and add extra volume.

Keep in mind that oversized clothes also have sizes that fit and don’t fit. If your body shape has changed, don’t try to fit into your favorite old skirt — it will constrain your movements and “shout out” that it’s too small for you. It’s important to rely on your reflection in the mirror and comfort rather than digits and letters on the label when choosing clothes.

10. A belt with defects

It’s the small details that create a very unique image. A high-quality belt can take any outfit to the next level. However, belts that go together with dresses or coats in mass-market stores are often of very low quality and they end up with loose holes and fall apart after several months of use. It’s very noticeable from the side. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to get rid of such accessories and replace them with one item of good quality.

11. Stretched jeans

If your jeans become slightly stretched over time, you’d better not continue to wear them. Your body might look vague and shapeless in such jeans, while the area of the hips and knees might get skin folds. A good solution for stretched jeans is to embrace today’s trend: jeans with holes in the knee area. In order to make them look more fitted, you can take them in or wash them in the washing machine at 200°F. You should stop the washing machine before it starts the rinsing cycle. Start the washing cycle again but without the washing powder — it will allow you to rinse the jeans in hot water.

12. Tights that don’t match your skin color

This seemingly small detail might make other people question the girl’s taste and her overall body shape. Neutral tights should be chosen so that they match the hands’ skin tone as much as possible. In addition, they should complement the overall look and not draw attention. This trick will help your legs look longer and slimmer. Tights that drastically differ in color from the rest of the clothes create an extra horizontal line and add more inches to the overall look.

13. Dirty shoes

There’s nothing that can spoil a look quite as much as dirty, unkempt footwear. Shoes with peeling leather or boots with stains of dirt and dust on them draw a lot of attention and make whoever’s wearing them look untidy and careless. Of course, it’s difficult to make your shoes look 100% clean all the time, but still, when you come home, make it a rule to clean your shoes. It will help to create a good impression and allows the shoes to last longer.

14. Uncomfortable shoes

Shoes that prevent you from walking in a normal way make the gait unsteady. Fashion is not always rational, and oftentimes, things that look good on models — and even on you when you’re in the fitting room trying them on — turn into an instrument of torture in real life. It becomes visible to others right away and leaves no trace of grace.

15. Brow tattoos that are too obvious

Some brow tattoo artists remove their clients’ brows completely before drawing in the brow contour that they need from scratch. Eventually, the result looks extremely unnatural, especially when you take into account that some pigments start to change colors over time — they can become green, blue, and even red. Nowadays, it’s neat looking, natural brows that are trendy — after all, nothing can beat the brow shape that nature gave you. You just need to give it a little boost.

What details on other people turn you off and spoil the way you see them?

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A belt with defects: No good, but torn jeans, totally ok.

Since when did this fashion thing ever make any sense?


I also think celebrity stylists don’t make “mistakes” as much as they did, partially because camera technology has improved greatly even in just 10 years. Makeup has to be applied better, so they are definitely matching foundations or choosing one that doesn’t show pores as large. I DO however agree with being attentive of your appearance and where you are. Sure, people shouldn’t judge you for your shoes or handbag, but paying attention to some details no matter your budget is a decent rule of thumb. I am not mad someone wearing Keds at an award show, but you don’t want things to break that need to function.


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