15+ Touching Love Stories That Deserve to Be Featured in Hollywood Movies

2 years ago

Scientists say that the romantic phase of love — when it seems like your whole life is centered on this one person — lasts only from 6 months to 2 years. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s over after that period: there are 3 more stages of a relationship. What’s more, there are also other types of love: for our parents and kids, friends, and even pets.

We at Bright Side found some people whose stories are so touching they can make your heart melt.

1. “Got my first tattoo at 41. This is the heartbeat of my dad, who I lost last year.”

2. “This is true love. 73 years together, and in love to the very end.”

3. “My grandparents, married for 60 years, see each other for the first time after being in different hospitals for a month.”

4. “My wife and I went to Disney World. Also, the kids came.”

5. “These are my grandparents, my grandfather was pretending to be a velociraptor here.”

“They’ve been married for 50 years. They give me hope that happy marriages exist.”

6. “My fiancée packed my lunch for me when I was running late.”

7. “My great grandparents used to say every year they were saving up for a divorce, but always ended up going on vacation instead.”

8. “I’ve been a little down about my weight lately. Woke up and saw this note from my husband on my scale.”

9. “My fiancee and I had our engagement pictures taken in the comic book store that we’ve been going to over the last 6 years.”

10. “They met in kindergarten, and have been together ever since. Today they have been married for 75 years.”

11. “My best friend said “Yes.” Well, after a whole lot of “oh my god oh my god oh my god!’”

12. “Nan and Pop have been married for 60 years and they STILL love to match.”

13. “Now in our 30s, this is a photo of my husband and I. Our parents were childhood friends. We joke that it was an arranged marriage.”

14. “My grandparents have been married 64 years.”

“They are 83 and 90, both with Alzheimer’s, but have never forgotten they’re in love.”

15. “Found this touching photo of my grandparents today, taken 50 years ago. They are still together to this day.”

16. “My parents got each other the same Valentine’s day card by accident.”

17. “My parent’s remake of a photo from the early ’80s.”

18. “My husband took me to the apartment block where he grew up so that he could recreate this picture. I’m on the right with our son.”

19. “We met 7 years ago and went on a 2,000-mile road trip after only 5 months of dating, got engaged on that road trip. We recreated some pictures recently.”

What is the most romantic story you know? Has anything similar happened in your life?

Preview photo credit MeetTheBrewers / Reddit


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