15 Uproariously Shameless Things Time Is Doing to Each of Us

4 years ago

Time can be ruthless in how it changes us as we grow older but luckily we’re not alone. The 10-year challenge has revealed some common changes among all of us. They are hilarious because they are so relatable. When you look at a picture of a clothing label going 2 sizes up, for example, you feel like it hits the nail right on the head.

Bright Side takes a look at the funny things that we all can relate to as we grow older.

1. High heels are ditched for more comfortable shoes.

2. That feeling you have on your birthday...

3. Your head begins to have those no-grass patches.

4. Your shadow takes a different form.

5. Your eyes demand glasses to see clearer.

6. The size of your bag multiplies.

7. Things you look forward to doing:

8. Your clothes grow longer.

9. “Silver linings” can be spotted in your hair.

10. The places you’re likely to spend most of your money at:

11. Your skin evolves.

12. Your stomach doubles in size.

13. Going to sleep early was something you hated, but now love.

14. From alluring to cozy

15. Your clothing size gets an upgrade.

Which of these is spot on for you? What kind of changes were most significant in your case?


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#1 and #13. Feeling well and comfortable is the most important thing in life.


As older we grow as more we start understanding what true comfort it :)


In my case heels weren't ditched. I just didn't wear them from the very beginning - too uncomfortable ?


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