16 Celebrities Who Dug Up Real Treasure in Their Family Albums and Shared Their Childhood Photos With Us

year ago

Photographs capture precious moments that even time cannot erase. They may bring up different memories and emotions. But if they are from our childhood, they definitely bring up only sweet ones. Those pics that warm us up from the inside can likely tickle anyone you share them with.

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar

© sarahmgellar / Instagram, Invision/Invision/East News

2. Tom Felton

© t22felton / Instagram, JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/East News

3. Kim Kardashian

4. Matthew Lillard

5. Kristen Bell

© kristenanniebell / Instagram, Invision/Invision/East News

6. Adele

7. Chris Pratt

8. Justin Bieber

9. Alanis Morissette

10. Cara Delevingne

11. Timothée Chalamet

12. Justin Timberlake

13. Chloë Grace Moretz

14. Bruno Mars

15. Beyoncé

16. Zendaya

Do you like to look through your own old family photos? Which photo of yours is your favorite? Could you please share it with us?


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