16 Coincidences That Prove the Universe Has a Pretty Cool Sense of Humor

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Coincidence can come in many forms, according to one author, including déjà vu or when our memories “glitch,” happenstance or accidental events, and serendipity or being in the right place at the right time. But whatever form it takes, these coincidental moments surely give us something memorable to laugh at and look back on, as proven by the following pictures.

1. “I just looked down at the floor in my hotel room.”

2. “This credit card matches this bag of chips.”

3. “A dragonfly landed on my friend’s foot and mirrored his tattoo.”

4. “This fried egg that looks like a chicken.”

5. Who wore it better?

6. “I couldn’t find my phone for ages.”

7. “I found a turtle that matches my tattoo.”

8. “We have the same faux tile wallpaper as the guy in the movie.”

9. “This ‘Mini’ evolution I saw in London.”

10. “The wall of this building matches almost perfectly with the sky.”

11. “My friend’s lighter matches my shirt perfectly.”

12. “My jellyfish sting is in the shape of a jellyfish.”

13. “I have the same crappy watch that’s pictured on the box of the box that I bought.”

14. “My 16-year-old boy woke up in a rainbow.”

15. “This cicada on my cicada tattoo.”

16. “Fading into the floor”

What recent experience made you say, “Wow, what are the odds?” Share your story in the comment section.

Preview photo credit Garr** / Reddit, sirg87 / Reddit


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