16+ Examples of Product Design That Is Unlikely to Find Fans Anytime Soon

2 months ago

Van Gogh’s paintings were ahead of their time, which is why the artist was not really popular during his lifetime. And it seems that many modern designers are trying their best to replicate this approach. However, the vision of some of them is so peculiar that even after a hundred years, anyone is unlikely to appreciate their creations.

«My dad’s hotel room has the whirlpool tub right in the corner.»

This is normal in an adults room, that's probably considered a sweet and I'm sure he paid more for it.


«This vase I found.»

«This mailbox I saw while doing deliveries.»

«I hate it. Not sure what the thought process was here.»

Frankly, I do get it!
See, it's WAY easyer to remember your locker number when the numbers seem to be randomly placed in different sizes on the lockers...


«This designer sink is worth $2,000.»

Darth Vader’s branded helmet

«In this cinema, there is no logic for the seats numbers.»

«This shower doesn’t have a door and gets the floor soaked.»

«The armrest of my seat has flight attendant call buttons. We are only 30 minutes into the flight, and they have already made 2 announcements not to accidentally push the buttons.»

«They offend the eyes and soul.»

«When I was a kid, this monkey gave me nightmares.»

There’s something wrong with the Cheshire Cat’s trademark smile.

«My kid loved them.»

«My mom is a realtor, today she showed a house with a live betta fish in a toilet tank.»

«This $500 toilet at my local warehouse store»

«These are the weirdest sandals I’ve ever seen.»

I'd go for these. I have a habit of ruining my socks.... Why? I twist em around and stick em in between my toes. And yes, I got in trouble a lot as a kid for doing that. I still do it and I'm 46.

This looks like absolute comfort, imo


«Saw these in the store today.»

«This tissue dispenser at the vet’s office»

And here is some more about weird designs. Check it out.

Preview photo credit energyefficientghost / Reddit


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